The EverGrain® line sets the standard in composite decking with its deep-grain and solid coloring. Featuring timeless textures and pronounced pattern capturing the essence of a natural wood board.


Your deck is an extension of your home and should capture your personality as you look to entertain and bring your family outdoors. Pick from four striking colors – Cape Cod Grey, Cedar, Redwood or Weathered Wood – to create the go-to picturesque retreat.

EVERGRAIN® Color & Detail

Boasting a refined solid color, there are four EverGrain options for you to pick from to elevate your home’s look.

Cape Cod Grey

A subtle solid grey board captures the essence of steam coming from your hot coffee or tea.


Enjoy the lighter tones found in a cedar tree, with your own cedar chest right outside your door.


The beauty of the Redwood forest captured in a composite board and fit to complement your home.

Weathered Wood

A lighter brown showcasing the color of a vintage wooden chest, the perfect place to relax.


From residential decking and stair installation to commercial applications, EverGrain® fits an assortment of these common design uses. Available in grooved or square-edge boards, our decking is developed to accommodate the exact fit you have in mind. No matter the style or color you pick, we developed our boards to fit the deck you visualize

Blended Color

Resulting in a beautifully installed deck.

in the U.S.A.

Quality manufacturing right in the heartland.

Grain Pattern

Deep grain with a wood like appearance.

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Envision Disclaimer

While EverGrain® decking is an ideal option for enhancing the look of your home, these products are nonstructural. EverGrain® decking should not be used in a structural manner, including use as joists, load-bearing columns, stringers, or beams.

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