For the homeowner and family who want the luxury of composite decking, and aren’t ready to push the envelope like the coloring found in the Distinction and Inspiration lines then the definite, rich colors from Expression are what your home needs to make it your personal (and family) escape.


Featuring solid colors that mimic a natural wooden board, the Expression line provides a deep grain plank that doesn’t require the same hassle and upkeep as real wooden boards.

Express Your Style

With four one-of-a-kind color options, you’ll find something to match your unique sense of style. Choose from Canyon Ridge, Caribou Brown, Harbor Grey or Woodland Bark to take your deck from ordinary to extraordinary.

Canyon Ridge

Capture one of the most breathtaking elements in nature—the Grand Canyon—and bring it to life in your yard with Canyon Ridge, an awe-inspiring warm red, brown color.

Caribou Brown

This dark brown color captures the sights and sounds of the range, bringing the essence of northlands to your backyard.

Harbor Grey

Create a home retreat that embodies the slate greys of the pier and the feeling of a cool waterfront breeze with Harbor Grey.

Woodland Bark

Capture the essence of gazing deeply into a grove of trees with Woodland Bark.


Our Envision Expression® Idea Gallery helps you create the ideal deck for your home. Let our Idea Gallery become your muse as you visualize the transformative effect of Envision® Decking in your home.

Blended Color

Resulting in a beautifully installed deck.

in the U.S.A.

Quality manufacturing right in the heartland.

Grain Pattern

Deep grain with a wood like appearance.

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Envision® Composite Line Disclaimer

While Envision Expression® decking is an ideal option for enhancing the look of your home, these products are nonstructural. Envision® Composite Decking should not be used in a structural manner, including use as joists, load-bearing columns, stringers, or beams.

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Envision® Registered Contractors must periodically meet certain qualifications to become or remain an Envision® Registered Contractor; however, TAMKO® does not make any representations or warranties regarding the reputation, skill level, qualifications or expertise of Envision® Registered Contractors. Envision® Registered Contractors are not employees of, agents of, or affiliated with TAMKO® in any manner.