Enjoy the alluring colors of Envision Distinction®, and make your home the star of the neighborhood. With this luxury line, no two decks are the same – each composite board features a random wood grain pattern and bold highlights in each board. 


The Distinction line offers unmistakable shades to provide numerous designs and patterns perfect for your needs.

Four color options to fit any palate:

  • Greywood
  • Rustic Walnut
  • Shaded Auburn
  • Spiced Teak

Each board boasts four to six colors and highlights. A natural wood design featuring a deep grain and the look of tree knots


Pick from four multi-tinged color options within the Distinction line, each that emulates the natural coloring found in the trees in your backyard to the most exotic trees. Where no two boards look exactly the same – from browns, to reds and even greys – the Distinction line fits your tastes without the frustration of staining your wooden deck boards.
Grey Wood

A variety of greys evoke the vision of a morning fog coming off the cape, as you enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in the brisk wind. The smoky coloring offers the perfect escape as you start or end your day.

Rustic Walnut

Deck boards featuring dark chocolate and light creamy brown shades that capture the unrefined essence of a walnut tree. Providing your home with rich and warm colors to evoke memories of the candy your grandparents snuck to you as a child.

Shaded Auburn

Envision relaxing in a grove of trees on an autumn day or jumping in piles of leaves as a child.  Electing for a Shaded Auburn deck brings the reds and browns found in nature home to your deck.

Spiced Teak

Decks featuring Spiced Teak are reminiscent of your favorite spices mulled together, allowing you to drink in the various browns ranging from caramel, cinnamon, coffee and syrup.

*Before making your purchase, view several full length boards. Representation of these colors is as accurate as modern technology will permit. As with any composite product, color variations will occur. View several full length pieces of material prior to selection and installation. Colors will usually weather to a lighter shade within the first several months of exposure to the environment. Color selection may vary across profiles.


Savor the sights and smells of the outdoors with your Envision Distinction® deck. Your own home away from home is closer than you may expect – right out your door.  This oasis allows you to relax and enjoy a place where memories happen with your family and friends.   

Experience Envision Distinction® from TAMKO®

Contact an Envision Pro today to design your Envision Distinction® deck, and to view a plethora of boards for the color scheme you desire to match your style and essence.

Blended Color

Resulting in a beautifully installed deck.

in the U.S.A.

Quality manufacturing right in the heartland.

Grain Pattern

Deep grain with a wood like appearance.

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While Envision Distinction® decking is an ideal option for enhancing the look of your home, these products are nonstructural. Envision® Composite Decking should not be used in a structural manner, including use as joists, load-bearing columns, stringers, or beams.

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Envision® Registered Contractors must periodically meet certain qualifications to become or remain an Envision® Registered Contractor; however, TAMKO does not make any representations or warranties regarding the reputation, skill level, qualifications or expertise of Envision® Registered Contractors. Envision® Registered Contractors are not employees of, agents of, or affiliated with TAMKO in any manner.