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Enjoy life’s most beautiful moments on equally beautiful Envision® composite decking. With color variations that never repeat and deep wood like grain, Envision® composite decking offers the warmth and charm of natural hardwoods that will complete your outdoor escape paired with the superior performance of composite lumber. Choose from 3 aesthetically pleasing lines of Envision® Composite Lumber to fit your style and taste – The Distinction Luxury Collection, Inspiration Signature Collection, and Expression Simplicity Collection.


Luxury Collection

Dramatic colors & bold highlights in each board


Signature Collection

A signature of warmth and character with softly blended hues


Simplicity Collection

A rich solid color and deep grain

Key Attributes

4 color options available with a blend of dramatic color and bold highlights

Key Attributes

3 color options available with softly blended hues

Key Attributes

4 rich color options available

Key Attributes

4 color options available with a blend of dramatic color and bold highlights

3 color options available with softly blended hues

4 rich color options available

Shared Attributes

− 25-year limited warranty with a 5-year labor, full-start period

− Splinter Free

− Matching stair raiser available

− Matching fascia available

− Resists mold and mildew

− Available in 1″ x 6″ x (12′, 16′, or 20′)

− Grooved and square profiles available

− Compression molded with the same EverGrain® core materials to create deep grain patterns, random color variation, and a specialty bonded outer layer

See The Envision® Difference

Envision®’s random grain patterns never repeat across a single deck board. The leading competitor’s pattern repeats every 37-3/8 inches. That’s up to 5 times on each 16 ft. board.

Competitors’ extruded boards have an embossed grain pattern on the board surface. Envision® compresses its grains into the board to produce a unique natural wood-like appearance.

Envision®’s exclusive compression molding process uses tremendous heat and pressure to squeeze out air pockets to create the composite deck board.

ENVISION® the decking possibilities

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Blended Color

Resulting in a beautifully installed deck.

in the U.S.A.

Quality manufacturing right in the heartland.

Grain Pattern

Deep grain with a wood like appearance.

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Envision® Registered Contractors must periodically meet certain qualifications to become or remain an Envision® Registered Contractor; however, Envision® does not make any representations or warranties regarding the reputation, skill level, qualifications or expertise of Envision® Registered Contractors. Envision® Registered Contractors are not employees of, agents of, or affiliated with Envision® in any manner.