Your new and beautiful outdoor living space by Envision® Decking seamlessly integrates with the natural space around you. It’s as if your home itself is an extension of the earth, woods, and fields where you can return to relax, be in the company of friends, and enjoy a warm summer evening while the insects sing the day way. You want a deck that will last and endure hard rains, muggy heat, dry, cold winters, and the busy activity of a summer party. Most importantly, you want your family, friends, and loved ones to feel supported. Strong, stable support is what the EverClip®Hidden Fasteners were made for. They offer a subdued look so as not to distract from the distinguished appearance of your Envision® Decking.


You want to enjoy your deck, not spend time frustrated over the tedium of its installation. The EverClip® Hidden Fastener is designed with you in mind. This low-profile fastener, made specifically for your Envision® Decking, comes with a pre-assembled screw and clip, so that you don’t have to waste time counting to make sure you have the right numbers of each. Because of its serrated edges, the EverClip® Hidden Fastener bites securely into the grooves of your composite decking, securing two deck boards at once while anchoring into the joists beneath.


We at Envision know how important the quality of your Envision® Decking is to you. We trust that you’ll want to show off the fine, wood-like charm of our stylish composite decking. We especially know that you want to feel safe on your deck whether you’re having a weeknight cookout with the family or a weekend bash with your friends and relatives. That’s why the EverClip® Hidden Fastener is designed with serrated edges which, when fastened to a joist beneath, offer strong lateral support for your composite decking. This lateral support works to reduce board creep, or the slow shifting of boards over time which can ultimately yield a wobbly and distorted look to your deck, not to mention some unstable boards. With the EverClip® Hidden Fastener, you can feel confident in the stability of your Envision® Decking, especially since they come with a 25-year limited warranty with binding arbitration agreement.


Thanks to the grooved construction of Envision® Decking deck boards, the EverClip® Hidden Fastener fits below the walking surface of your deck, leaving its appearance neat, clean, and barefoot-friendly. Neither your nor your cookout guests will have to worry about a stubbed toe or any bumps that may cause someone to trip. Because the fasteners are hidden, you don’t have to worry about anything distracting from the beautiful appearance of your Envision® Decking.







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We at Envision take great pride in our Envision® Decking and the EverClip® Hidden Fasteners. If you have questions about these great products, or want to know how you can get started on your own new outdoor living space soon, use our website to find a professional dealer near you.

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