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Composite Deck Screws

Envision® & EverGrain® Composite Deck Screws are made with the same great quality that you expect from Envision’s line of exquisite composite, outdoor decking. And like our aesthetically superior composite lumber, the Envision® & EverGrain® Composite Deck Screws come in an array of colors to match whatever style of deck boards you’ve selected for your home, whether you’ve selected our pleasing Envision Distinction® in spiced teak or greywood, or our EverGrain® in cedar, or weathered wood


The Envision® & EverGrain® Composite Deck Screws are designed with you in mind. We at Envision know that, while you want outdoor decking that is sturdy, safe, and visually appealing, you also want outdoor decking you can use. That is why we’ve made our screws easy to fasten into place, so you don’t have to spend time fussing over a slipping screwdriver and stripped deck screws. Envision® & EverGrain® Composite Deck Screws have a modified hexagonal head, yielding a much more positive torque-to-effort relationship. This means that when the sun is beating down on your back while you’re building a deck, you don’t have to stress over repeated, tedious cam-outs which can not only damage the screw and your drill bit, but could also yield minor injuries to you or scuffs and scrapes to your Envision® Decking deck boards. We’ve made securing outdoor decking easy because we know that you want your new deck design to look as pristine as possible.


Because we know you likely won’t be the only one using your outdoor decking but rather sharing its fine appearance, the way it melds with the landscape around it, and its comfortable, barefoot-friendly walkability with groups of friends, family and loved ones, Envision has designed its Envision® & EverGrain® Composite Deck Screws to withstand a lot of use. From freezing rains to scorching sun exposure, we know you need a deck screw that can stand up to the myriad of tests nature throws its way. These composite screws are safe for use with treated lumber. They’re also available in coated carbon steel, which means they have an extra bit of protection from corrosive elements such as salty air, rain, and intense heat.


Ultimately, your outdoor living space is about making yourself and your guests feel comfortable and able to relax. Maybe you want to impress, too, with outdoor decking that offers a unique and unified aesthetic complemented by the landscape around you, regardless of where you are. With these things in mind, the Envision® & EverGrain® Composite Deck Screws are designed to match whichever of our many colors and styles of Envision® or EverGrain® Decking you’ve decided is right for you. This way, the screws themselves won’t distract from the appearance of your new outdoor decking


For Your Outdoor Decking

While you may have done plenty of studying on the proper outdoor decking for you and your home, you may not have researched the finer points of building a deck, like the screws you’ll use to secure your deck boards. For further information on Envision® Decking’s composite deck screws, contact a local, professional dealer.

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