Hidden Fasteners and Their Purpose Wednesday July 25, 2018

The Style and Function of Hidden Fasteners from Envision®

Hidden Fasteners from Envision® provide style and functionality for a beautiful deck design and unrivaled finished results. Hidden fasteners are designed for safe and secure installation. Carefully engineered, hidden fasteners require no surface screw holes or marring of the decking surface. Experienced contractors will appreciate the functional elegance of Envision® fasteners.

Hidden Fasteners are Purpose-Designed

The entire suite of decking products from Envision® is designed to make installation easy and secure. Hidden fasteners fit perfectly into the slotted grooves on the edge of Envision® decking planks. The result is a tight, secure fit that is nearly invisible.

Hidden Fasteners for Beautiful Design

Unlike the traditional fastening methods still used by other composite decking manufacturers, Envision® Fasteners are nearly invisible once they have been installed. Traditional methods often require that dozens of screws be driven into the surface of every plank of decking, resulting in an unattractive appearance, splintering, and holes that are vulnerable to water penetration.

Hidden Fasteners Keep Your Deck Looking Great Longer

The excellent design engineering of Envision® fasteners helps ensure that decking is securely installed with no unnecessary marring of the beautiful multi-hued texture of the decking surface. Other decking may require plunging hundreds of screw holes in the decking surface, resulting in water penetration and splintering. Over time, this can cause extensive damage to decking and reduce the overall lifespan of the deck. The appearance of an outdoor living space that utilizes the advanced suite of engineered Envision® composite wood decking and branded fastener products will deliver beauty and comfort that the whole family will love.

Envision® Functional Beauty with Hidden Fasteners

Every detail has been carefully engineered to deliver beauty and comfort throughout the entire suite of Envision® products. From hidden fasteners to stylish Envision Marquee Railing®, everything needed to build beautiful outdoor living spaces is available from Envision®. With helpful advice, professional resources, and excellent products, Envision® is here to help inspire beauty.

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