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Envision®: Digital Marketing and Website Advice for Contractors

Digital Marketing and Website Advice for Contractors from Envision®

In today’s modern world, if you want to operate a successful business, you are going to need to utilize the internet as a resource for marketing and brand building. Successful contractors make use of websites and digital marketing to demonstrate their know-how and draw in potential clients. In today’s blog, Envision® is here with helpful advice about building a professional presence online with digital marketing and website design.

Build a Beautiful Professional Portfolio

Prospective clients are looking for trusted and experienced contractors because they want to feel confident about the style and quality of the finished product. Help clients find confidence in your brand by including a professional portfolio of your work on your website.

It is difficult for clients to be absolutely sure that they will get the quality they are looking for, but a portfolio of beautiful completed work is the best way to inspire confidence in your company. Successful contractors know that inspired design options, experienced workmanship, and top-of-the-line building materials make the difference when building a professional portfolio.

See what the excellent decking design collections from Envision® can do for your portfolio in the Envision® Idea Gallery.

Help Clients Feel Like Experts with Informative Resources

Clients will feel more confident in their own design decision as well as your professional expertise when you give them all the facts they need to make a wise investment in their home. When creating a website, consider including an information resource section where you answer common client questions and provide helpful advice. This will show that you have the know-how to get the job done right for clients, and that you want clients to be well informed so they can make good decisions for their home.

An informative blog with helpful resources is also a great way to push your business to the top of your local competition online. If you want your website to top the list when clients use internet search engines to find local contractors, producing informative content for your website is the way to go.

Utilize Social Media

Social media is a very important part of successful online marketing for any business. It is very easy to create a helpful Facebook page for customers. Instagram is a great medium for displaying your beautiful portfolio of work and inspiring potential clients. Utilize Google Business tools to “claim” your company’s Google Profile, and ensure that all the information that Google displays for your business is accurate, including phone number, address, hours of operation, and the location of your business on Google Maps.

Envision® Quick Tip: No matter what social media platform you use, fast response times are key. Think of messages from customers on social media as though they just walked in the front door of your business. Strike while the iron is hot, and you are much more likely to close the deal.

Keep it Local

Whether you are developing your social media profile or you are are building a blog with helpful professional advice, make it clear that you are a local company and that you understand and value your community. Target your local market with thoughtful information about unique challenges or opportunities that the area offers. Perhaps mild winters in your area make year-round deck design an excellent option: write an informative blog for prospective clients! Perhaps your local basketball team is going to the championship: make an engaging social media post to support your hometeam! Keep it fun, keep it personal, and keep prospective clients engaged with your brand.

Build Your Brand with Envision®

It may not be easy to develop a website and digital marketing campaign, but the resulting professional success of your business is worth the effort. Envision® is here to help, with detailed advice, professional resources, and excellent composite decking products. Take a look at the great resources available from the Envision® Registered Contractor program and see how it can benefit your business today.

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Hosting an Outdoor BBQ on Your Envision® Deck (part 1)

Host an Amazing Outdoor BBQ on your Envision® Deck

There are lots of things that homeowners can do to prepare their outdoor living space for a great BBQ with family and friends. Today, Envision® offers advice for beating the summer heat when you are entertaining, as well as providing comfortable and stylish furniture for BBQ events large and small. Forthcoming blogs will continue to provide helpful advice for a perfect BBQ, including advice for outdoor kitchens, poolside BBQs, and design elements for great BBQ events. To discover top-notch tips and tricks for hosting the perfect BBQ, read on.

Furniture for Style and Comfort

Comfortable outdoor seating is a perfect complement to a beautiful outdoor living space from Envision®. Most homeowners will have enough outdoor seating for their family and a few friends, but what options are available when you are having a big group over for a BBQ and you don’t have enough seating?

Short-term furniture rental is an option for homeowners hosting large groups. There are many companies that provide outdoor furniture for large events such as weddings or family reunions. These companies will be happy to provide plenty of chairs and tables for your event, so every guest at your BBQ will be seated comfortably. Prices for a one-day rental are reasonable, and the furniture is delivered to your home, so set-up will be a breeze.

If your BBQ group will be too large for your current outdoor seating arrangement, but too small to necessitate a furniture rental, consider simply moving indoor dining tables and chairs into your outdoor entertaining space. In previous blogs, we have discussed the aesthetic and functional benefits of unifying the design style of indoor and outdoor spaces, and this is a perfect opportunity to make the most of this unified design approach. Bringing indoor furnishings outside for your BBQ event will double your outdoor seating options, and the unified design will ensure your overall aesthetic is cohesive and stylish.

For outdoor furniture style ideas that complement your outdoor living design, check out the Envision® Idea Gallery.

Cool Features for Warm Weather

Warm weather is perfect for a summer BBQ with friends, but what if the weather is heating up and it starts to get a little too warm? There are great design ideas that can help solve this problem. With a little preparation, you can help your guests stay cool at your BBQ, even when temperatures are climbing.

Shade sails and awnings are an excellent way to mitigate warm temperatures on hot sunny days. Shade sails and awnings come in a variety of colors and styles, so think about your overall outdoor design aesthetic when you make your choice. Consider a vibrant color that complements the existing color palette of your design. For example, perhaps there are sky-blue throw pillows for your outdoor seating that already coordinate with the beautiful Barnwood Plank decking from the Envision Inspiration® Collection. Choose a navy blue shade sail that will contribute to the variety of blue tones in your design, and, of course, it will coordinate nicely with the beautiful blue sky during your BBQ.

Consider this hot new trend in cool outdoor living that is sure to please your BBQ guests when temperatures are climbing: a screened-in outdoor living space with indoor air-conditioning ventilation. Screened-in living space retains air temperature surprisingly well, so if your screened-in area shares a wall with your home, or is close-by, it will be quick work for a contractor to add an air vent so you can keep cool all summer long.

Enjoy Summer in Style with Envision®

Entertain friends and family in style this summer with beautiful outdoor spaces designed with the suite of decking products from Envision®. Whether you are having a small gathering of friends or a family reunion with dozens of guests, a fun summer BBQ is a great way to get together and enjoy the warm months of summer. With helpful advice, professional resources, and excellent Envision® products, your summer BBQ party is sure to be a hit!

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Composite Decking for Docks, Pools and Water Features

The Advantages of Composite Decking for Docks, Pools and Water Features

Envision® composite decking delivers many advantages over traditional lumber decking for any deck design and home style. In particular, deck designs that incorporate water features — from swimming pools to lakefront docks — benefit greatly from the use of composite decking. In today’s blog from Envision®, we will discuss the advantages of composite decking for designs with pools, docks, and water features.

Stylish Options for Any Home Design

Homes with waterfront views, water features, or swimming pools are a fantastic opportunity to make the most of outdoor living spaces. There are many aesthetic and functional amenities that can be incorporated into the decking design to complement the beauty of the existing water features.

The suite of Envision® composite decking products delivers a full spectrum of colors, textures and styles to match the existing exterior design elements. For waterside deck areas that receive direct sunlight on hot summer days, consider lighter color palettes that will reflect sunlight and help the decking surface stay cooler.

There are a variety of Envision® color options that have a perfect aesthetic for homes with water features. The subtle blue and grey hues of Barnwood Plank from the Envision Inspiration® Collection, or Grey Wood from the Envision Distinction® Collection, are a beautiful complement to azure waters and swimming pools.

For additional inspiration for deck design with water features, check out the Envision® Idea Gallery.

Safety and Comfort for Family and Friends

Envision® composite decking offers excellent advantages for safe and comfortable use all year round. Envision® offers a Hidden Fastener system, which securely fastens to engineered grooves on the sides of each piece of Envision® decking, so every piece of material is securely installed without the numerous and unsightly surface screw holes required by other decking materials.

Unlike traditional lumber decking options, composite decking does not splinter when exposed to water and weather, so your family and friends can enjoy waterside outdoor living in safety and comfort.

Envision® Delivers Reliable Style and Safety

The entire suite of Envision® products, from hidden fasteners to Marquee Railings, are designed for comfort and style, so homeowners can enjoy beauty and comfort all year round. Even under adverse water and weather conditions, Envision® composite decking retains excellent aesthetic and functional advantages. Deliver style and safety with Envision®.

Discover the Envision® Registered Contractor program and learn how it can benefit your business today.

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Competitive Advantage of Envision® Composite Decking

The Competitive Advantage of Excellent Composite Decking from Envision®

Experienced contractors know that professional success begins with excellent products and the know-how to make the most of them. Envision® offers a comprehensive suite of composite decking products, from railing systems to fasteners, for a functional, unified design. Other decking manufacturers often fall short of Envision’s tasteful blend of style and functionality, so choose the best. Build beautifully with Envision®.

Envision® Composite Decking Delivers Unrivaled Elegance

Color, style, texture, and distinction are the hallmarks of Envision® excellence. Eleven bold and elegant plank designs are available in our Distinction, Inspiration and Expression collections, representing a full spectrum of color palettes to complement any home design.

Envision® planks feature unique, non-repeating deep woodgrain patterning. This is made possible by our proprietary high-pressure compression moulding technique, which results in a beautiful natural appearance with deep textured woodgrain patterns.

Envision® Offers Branded Accessory Products

When you choose Envision® for your outdoor living space, you’ll get more than beautiful and distinctive composite decking planks, you also get a comprehensive array of decking accessories. Other composite decking manufacturers fail to offer a full suite of functional and aesthetic decking accessories, requiring clients and contractors to settle for mix-and-match materials that result in an inferior finished product.

Branded Envision® accessories are purpose-designed to beautifully accentuate every detail of your composite decking design. Envision® Marquee Railing® products are an elegant addition to any design. Also available are Envision® Tam-Rail® Railing products, an additional offering that further expands the design options available to clients and contractors.

Envision® and Evergrain® Deck Skirting products are a beautiful complement to any Envision® deck design, available in coordinated color options for a seamlessly complete aesthetic for Envision Distinction®, Envision Inspiration®, and Envision Expression® decking.

Envision®  EverClip® Hidden Fasteners are designed to guarantee beautiful and secure deck installation. EverClip® fasteners are carefully engineered to fit perfectly into the slotted grooves on the sides of Envision® decking planks, so every plank is securely and safely installed, with no unsightly surface screw holes.

To fully experience the beauty of the complete suite of Envision® products, view the Envision® Idea Gallery.

Envision® Offers Professional Excellence

At Envision®, we value the unique design vision of each customer, and we also value the professional contractors who make those visions into reality. That’s why we offer excellent Professional Resources for contractors. For the best contractors who are dedicated to the high standards of Envision®, we also offer the Envision® Professional Registration program, with special information, resources and Envision® products.

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Hidden Fasteners and Their Purpose

The Style and Function of Hidden Fasteners from Envision®

Hidden Fasteners from Envision® provide style and functionality for a beautiful deck design and unrivaled finished results. Hidden fasteners are designed for safe and secure installation. Carefully engineered, hidden fasteners require no surface screw holes or marring of the decking surface. Experienced contractors will appreciate the functional elegance of Envision® fasteners.

Hidden Fasteners are Purpose-Designed

The entire suite of decking products from Envision® is designed to make installation easy and secure. Hidden fasteners fit perfectly into the slotted grooves on the edge of Envision® decking planks. The result is a tight, secure fit that is nearly invisible.

Hidden Fasteners for Beautiful Design

Unlike the traditional fastening methods still used by other composite decking manufacturers, Envision® Fasteners are nearly invisible once they have been installed. Traditional methods often require that dozens of screws be driven into the surface of every plank of decking, resulting in an unattractive appearance, splintering, and holes that are vulnerable to water penetration.

Hidden Fasteners Keep Your Deck Looking Great Longer

The excellent design engineering of Envision® fasteners helps ensure that decking is securely installed with no unnecessary marring of the beautiful multi-hued texture of the decking surface. Other decking may require plunging hundreds of screw holes in the decking surface, resulting in water penetration and splintering. Over time, this can cause extensive damage to decking and reduce the overall lifespan of the deck. The appearance of an outdoor living space that utilizes the advanced suite of engineered Envision® composite wood decking and branded fastener products will deliver beauty and comfort that the whole family will love.

Envision® Functional Beauty with Hidden Fasteners

Every detail has been carefully engineered to deliver beauty and comfort throughout the entire suite of Envision® products. From hidden fasteners to stylish Envision Marquee Railing®, everything needed to build beautiful outdoor living spaces is available from Envision®. With helpful advice, professional resources, and excellent products, Envision® is here to help inspire beauty.

Learn about the Envision® Registered Contractor program and how it can benefit your business today.

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