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2018 Decking Trends from Envision®

Inspired Decking Trends for 2018 from Envision®

Hot new decking trends are changing the style of outdoor design in 2018. Envision® is right on the cutting edge, with helpful advice, professional resources, and excellent products that make it easy to design inspired beautiful spaces. From classic comfort to 21st-century technology, 2018 is an exciting year for decking trends.

1) Comfort is King

Comfy cushions, pillows, daybeds, and ottomans are must-have items for deck design this year. The amenities of indoor living are trending in outdoor design, and homeowners have never been more comfortable outdoors. Excellent outdoor upholstery options are now available, making it possible to decorate with products that offer soft texture and cushioned comfort while remaining resilient through weather and wear.

2) Vibrant Color is In

An otherwise neutral-colored design scheme benefits greatly from a splash of brightly colored feature elements to create a vibrant style that draws the eye across the whole design. Choose bright colors that are complemented by the multi-hued Envision Distinction® Collection. Complement the vibrant, fiery red of a Japanese Maple tree with the subtle warmth of Shaded Auburn composite decking. Or, accent the deep grey-blue hues of Envision® Grey Wood composite decking with a variety of bright blue throw pillows.

3) 21st Century Technology Today

It is the 21st century, after all, so it should be no surprise that some technological advances can make outdoor living on an Envision® deck an elegant and modern experience. With new innovations in LED lighting, it is now possible to choose from a wide variety of colors, lighting designs, and distinctive features such as adjustable dimming, color shift lighting, and solar powered options.

New technological advances have even made it possible to control the color and dimming features directly from your smartphone. Bluetooth equipped sound systems can be installed in outdoor living spaces and controlled entirely from the homeowner’s smartphone as well.

4) The Warmth of Fire Features

The aesthetic of a fire feature is a classic complement to contemporary outdoor living. Whether you prefer the natural look of stone masonry or the modern style of stainless steel, a fire feature will bring cozy comfort and a warm elegance to any deck design. The warm glow of a fire feature is complemented beautifully by the Envision Distinction® Collection. Consider the warm tones of Spiced Teak to complement a stone fire feature, or choose the slate blue hues of Grey Wood to complement a stainless steel fire feature. Fire features and comfortable, covered seating areas are perfect for a winter evening sunset over a snowy backyard vista.

5) Year Round Outdoor Comfort

Traditionally, family decks were primarily used in the warmer months of the year, but modern design styles deliver features and amenities that make it possible to enjoy outdoor living spaces all year round. Covered seating areas such as screened-in spaces and pergolas provide protection from weather as well as pesky insects, so any time of the year is a great time to enjoy outdoor living.

A screened-in living space retains warm and cool air, and modern homeowners are now taking advantage of this feature. It is relatively easy to bring indoor air-conditioning into outdoor living spaces, simply by extending existing ductwork to the screened-in areas, so homeowners can stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Envision® Delivers Inspired Design

Successful contractors know that if you want to excel in the industry, the number one priority is inspiring clients to imagine unique and distinctive designs that they truly love. Deliver modern design trends and styles that will bring clients to the table with Envision®.

Learn about the Envision® Registered Contractor program and how it can benefit your business today.

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Attracting Prospective Clients: Recommendations from Envision®

Helpful Recommendations for Marketing Envision® Products

Building a successful construction business is a difficult task. It takes experience, honesty, know-how, and excellent building materials. Envision® is here to help with advice, professional resources, and exceptional products to inspire clients and contractors alike. Read on to learn more about marketing Envision® products and building a successful business.

Give Clients a Variety of Beautiful Choices

Successful contractors know that giving clients a selection of personalized design styles to choose from is the best way to ensure that clients feel at home in their outdoor living space. It is important to emphasize that clients have options, and that’s why Envision® is an excellent choice for building products. The beautiful design collections from the Envision Distinction®, Inspiration, and Expression lines deliver excellence in eleven design styles for any aesthetic preference, with price points to match the budget of even the most discerning clients.

No matter which Envision® collection your client chooses from, they can be sure that their deck will deliver personalized elegance and comfort. Envision® offers branded Railing and Skirting products in a variety of colors and styles, further expanding the range of unique designs available. When every part of the installation is branded and backed by Envision®, clients can rest assured that no matter what collection they select from, the results will be amazing.

Recommend Remarkable Features

Bringing the comfort and aesthetic of indoor amenities into outdoor living spaces is an excellent way help customers realize their vision for the perfect deck design. Successful contractors will have the know-how to build outdoor kitchens, screened in outdoor living areas, poolside settings, pergolas, fire features, and other distinctive design elements. Build your professional skill set so you can offer clients amazing features that will surprise and inspire.

Build a Picturesque Portfolio

The most important tool a contractor can use to inspire a client’s imagination, while also giving the client confidence in the final result, is a comprehensive portfolio of completed work. Beautiful photos of expert work by an experienced and honest contractor is a reliable way to bring serious clients to the table. There is no better return on any investment for contractors than developing a picturesque portfolio that represents your work, displays your credentials, and contains testimonials from exceptionally satisfied customers.

Become an Envision® Registered Pro

Envision® offers excellent resources for professional contractors. With simple and helpful advice, extensive professional resources, and official Envision® Registered Pro membership benefits, Envision® is dedicated to the success of contractors who partner with us to deliver excellence to clients.

Envision® Inspired Success

Excellence is the fundamental ingredient to successful results. That is why Envision® delivers only the best. Whether it’s helpful advice, professional resources, or excellent products, Envision® is here to inspire beautifully designed outdoor living spaces.

Learn about the Envision® Registered Contractor program and how it can benefit your business today.

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How Big of a Deck Do I Need?

(BPT) – As the major outdoor living trend sweeps the nation, decks are getting bigger. But with television shows featuring 3,000-square-foot monster decks, the average homeowner is left to wonder, “Just how big of a deck do I need?”

Atlanta, Georgia-based deckbuilder Frank Pologruto, says it all comes down to how homeowners intend to use their space as each “zone” of the deck will require a general square footage.

“People want somewhere to cook, and then eat, and then have a conversation, and you start adding up these areas and you realize you can’t do all this in a 16’x12’ deck,” said Pologruto, the owner of Decks & More.

Dining – 320+ square feet

Outdoor kitchens and dining areas are growing in popularity, but do require significant space. A grill with some counter space for cooking and a large table and chairs for dining will take up around 320 square feet of deck.

Seating – 250+ square feet

Adding an additional seating area, whether a quiet morning coffee spot or an after-dinner conversation pit, will require even more space. A conversation area for about six people will add another 256 square feet to the deck. Adding a fire element to the seating area, will require not only the space for the actual fireplace or fire pit, but also appropriate distance between the fire and any seating.

Pool or hot tub – 150+ square feet

Homeowners looking to include a water feature like an in-ground pool or hot tub can expect it to require additional deck space. A four-person hot tub could take up as many as 100 square feet of deck, but Pologruto cautions homeowners to build in plenty of room to walk around, and enter and exit the hot tub, bringing the total to between 150 and 200 square feet.

Parties – 15 square feet per person

As a general rule, Pologruto said homeowners should determine how many people they expect to host on their deck and estimate about 15 square feet of deck per person. To comfortably fit around 20 people, the deck will need at least 300 square feet of open space.

“Remember though, if you plan to have 50 people over, they won’t all be out on the deck at the same time, so plan for your deck to hold about 30 people,” he said.


With the added square footage comes a bigger price tag – $25,000 to $250,000 depending on the size.

The deck material will also affect the final cost. Pologruto uses both traditional wood boards and high-end Envision® composite decking by TAMKO Building Products, Inc. and says if homeowners are already preparing to spend the money to build a large deck, they should go the extra step and upgrade to a composite board.

“If you’re smart and have the money, do the composite – it just makes more sense,” he said.

Overall, from his experience, Pologruto said most homeowners don’t need a 3,000-square-foot deck, and should be able to fit a small dining area, arbor, hot tub and separate seating area in about 750 square feet, although some of the decks he builds are more than twice that size.

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Rooftop Decks for Every Style

Fresh air, great views and capitalizing on unused space — it’s no wonder rooftop decks are a hot trend for suburban homes and urban apartment complexes alike.

Once reserved for the urban elite, rooftop decks are popping up all over the country as an attractive option that offers a mixture of space savings and an unrivaled view. The magic of rooftop decks is they take advantage of what was formerly unused space — the top of a building or the flat roof over part of a home — and reclaims it for a unique entertaining area or a family gathering spot.

“Especially when we’re working in cities, rooftop decks are essentially reclaiming space for a family that probably wouldn’t have any outdoor space otherwise,” said James Muckinhaupt, a senior builder/project manager for Mosaic Outdoor Living, a high-end custom deck builder in Colorado.

All that new-found space can present a challenge to designers and the homeowners they serve as they try to define the space to make the most of the rooftop deck’s open layout.

“If designers don’t really delineate the space well, we’ve found the decks end up being a giant space that’s never fully utilized by the homeowner,” James said.

James and his wife, Mary, a custom furniture consultant, offer some advice on how to turn your rooftop deck into a personal oasis and get the most out of the space.

1. Define the use

Mary said defining how the deck will be used the majority of the time is the top way to make sure the space fits the homeowners’ needs. Questions like, “Will the deck host weekly family dinner?” and “Will you use it daily for drinks and lounging?” help determine whether or not a kitchen/dining area is needed and how much seating should be included.

“It’s also important to know the average number of people they expect to fit on the deck,” Mary said. “If we don’t furnish and set the deck up so it’s conducive to their needs, we’ve found that people don’t use the deck.”

2. Stay true to your style

Most people have a style or color scheme they are already drawn to. A good designer will pay attention to the rest of a homeowner’s space and incorporate that theme into the rooftop deck to create a cohesive style from interior to exterior.

3. Focus on materials

Materials have a huge impact on the final look of the deck, whether it’s sleek tile, decorative concrete or luxury composite lumber. James said his rooftop decks are primarily Envision® composite lumber by TAMKO, because of the wide variety of styles the boards can accommodate, taking on everything from the look of exotic hardwoods to distressed reclaimed barn wood.

4. Add a covering

Regardless of how the deck will be used, it’s nice to have a covered area to escape the heat of the sun or the rain. Depending on the homeowners’ needs and budget, the covering can be anything from a grouping of large umbrellas to a covered structure with glass walls.

5. Include a fire element

If adding a covering helps extend deck season through the extreme heat of summer and the rain of spring, including a fire element extends the deck’s use through the fall and winter. This could be something as simple as a fire pit or as elaborate as a built-in fireplace.

“Between a shade covering and a fireplace, you’re extending deck season to 70-80 percent of the year, depending on where you live,” James said.

6. Work with the views

In the process of deciding where to add a covering and how to position furniture on a rooftop deck, consider the natural views. One area of the deck may offer superior views, either of nature or of a cityscape. Position furniture to open up to the best view and construct deck coverings and any needed walls, to obstruct any undesirable views.

“The view is one of the best things about a rooftop deck, so we want to focus the seating around whatever is the best view,” Mary said. “If there are great views on multiple sides, we’ll recommend using swivel chairs to give people the best of both.”


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Ways to Turn Your Envision® Deck Into a Summer Entertainment Space

How to Make Your Envision® Deck the Ultimate Summer Entertainment Space

Envision® Summer DeckThere are few memories as precious as summertime spent with family and friends.  Hot dogs on the grill, tossing a baseball in the backyard, ice cream and popsicles on a sunny day— this is what summer is all about!  A beautiful outdoor living space built with Envision® composite decking is a perfect setting for summer memories. In today’s blog, we explore ideas and inspiration for outdoor entertaining with family and friends.

Furnishing an Envision® Deck for Entertaining

When entertaining with friends and family, comfortable seating is a must.  Be sure to choose sturdy, weather-resistant furniture for many seasons of comfort and enjoyment. A large outdoor table is a great addition as well, for pleasant weekend barbeque gatherings.  

Weather-resistant pillows are a nice complement as well, adding color and comfort to seating areas.  When choosing outdoor furniture, don’t forget to coordinate style and color with the aesthetic of your Envision® decking.

Consider lighting features for your outdoor spaces, so that visits with friends and family can extend into evening hours. Dimmable lighting is ideal, so that the light can be adjusted to fit the mood. A variety of colors that will complement the style of your furniture and decking materials are available for outdoor lighting.

Entertain in Style with an Outdoor Kitchen

Summer gatherings with friends and family are seldom complete without a delicious meal.  Whether grilling hotdogs and burgers on gameday, hosting a family reunion event, or just enjoying ice cream on a sunny day, the amenities of a home kitchen are a wonderful addition to outdoor entertaining spaces.

A good grill is a great start, but also consider adding a refrigerator, sink and prep station for a fully functional outdoor kitchen area. The aesthetic of stainless steel grills and appliances is perfectly complemented by the beautiful decking options from the Envision Distinction® Collection.

Envision® Quick Tip: It is recommended that homeowners place a grill mat under their grill to prevent oil and grease damage to decking products.

Other Features to Consider

A fire feature is a lovely option for cool summer evenings. The warm orange glow of firelight is a wonderful accompaniment to the beauty of Envision® decking products, like the rich and earthy highlights of Shaded Auburn boards from the Envision Distinction® Collection.

Shade sails are a perfect choice to help keep cool on warm summer days. They are practical, but they are also quite stylish. Shade sails come in many colors and sizes, so coordinate your choice with the existing aesthetic of your deck design.

If your family and friends enjoy going to the movies, consider bringing the movie theater home with an outdoor movie projector. LED projectors were once very expensive, but recent advances have substantially reduced their cost and increased their quality.

Envision® Distinctive Style for Your Deck Design

Beautiful composite decking from Envision® delivers excellent comfort and appeal for an exceptional outdoor living space that family and friends will love. Entertain in style all summer long with Envision®.

Contractors and builders can learn more about everything Envision® has to offer by becoming a Registered Pro with Envision®.

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