If you’re thinking about investing in the durable, versatile, and expressive Envision® Decking product line from TAMKO®, you might find yourself in need of some inspiration. Our Idea Gallery is here to give you an idea of what we can do to enhance your home.

These deck designs are from previous customers who have chosen TAMKO® Envision® products to add prestige to their personal space. Envision® Decking is highly durable, requires less maintenance than other types of decking, and comes with a 25-year limited warranty.


Your Distinction with Our Deck Designs

On this page, you can find links from the drop-down menu below to a variety of different deck designs from previous customers. Every home is different, and everyone’s tastes are unique to them, and we know that we can offer you the perfect, distinctive deck that fits yours.

For more information about our decking options, take a look at the Envision Expression®, Envision Inspiration®, and Envision Distinction® product pages. You can also find out more about our composite decking, and some of the additional options in accessories and maintenance for your outdoor living space. If you’re ready to place your order, find a dealer for your outdoor decking today.

Find Your Inspiration

When we developed our Envision® Decking, TAMKO® drew inspiration from the real beauty of nature as the foundation for the look of our materials and deck designs. Our decking material is a composite lumber, made through a unique compression molding process.

By using compression molding, we can infuse our decking with the authentic color and character of real wood, while giving it a higher durability - so you worry less about maintenance. From bold and distinctive single-color designs to softly blended hues evoking the character of nature, inspiration runs through all of our products.

Enhance Your Expression

Our Envision® Decking deck designs are made to be durable and versatile. We want to offer you a wide range of options in deck designs so that you can fit and adapt our products to suit your home. Whether your home or living space is large or small, we have a deck that is perfect for you.

The Envision Expression® options allow you to make the most of a smaller home, like an apartment, adding character and prestige in a limited space.

Envision Inspiration® offers the softly blended color and authentic character that our Envision® Decking line has become known for, while Envision Distinction® takes our design ethic and uses it to make the most of larger homes and outdoor areas.

Different Deck Designs from Previous Customers

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Blended Color

Resulting in a beautifully installed deck.

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Quality manufacturing right in the heartland.

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Deep grain with a wood like appearance.

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