Composite Decking for Docks, Pools and Water Features Thursday July 26, 2018

The Advantages of Composite Decking for Docks, Pools and Water Features

Envision® composite decking delivers many advantages over traditional lumber decking for any deck design and home style. In particular, deck designs that incorporate water features — from swimming pools to lakefront docks — benefit greatly from the use of composite decking. In today’s blog from Envision®, we will discuss the advantages of composite decking for designs with pools, docks, and water features.

Stylish Options for Any Home Design

Homes with waterfront views, water features, or swimming pools are a fantastic opportunity to make the most of outdoor living spaces. There are many aesthetic and functional amenities that can be incorporated into the decking design to complement the beauty of the existing water features.

The suite of Envision® composite decking products delivers a full spectrum of colors, textures and styles to match the existing exterior design elements. For waterside deck areas that receive direct sunlight on hot summer days, consider lighter color palettes that will reflect sunlight and help the decking surface stay cooler.

There are a variety of Envision® color options that have a perfect aesthetic for homes with water features. The subtle blue and grey hues of Barnwood Plank from the Envision Inspiration® Collection, or Grey Wood from the Envision Distinction® Collection, are a beautiful complement to azure waters and swimming pools.

For additional inspiration for deck design with water features, check out the Envision® Idea Gallery.

Safety and Comfort for Family and Friends

Envision® composite decking offers excellent advantages for safe and comfortable use all year round. Envision® offers a Hidden Fastener system, which securely fastens to engineered grooves on the sides of each piece of Envision® decking, so every piece of material is securely installed without the numerous and unsightly surface screw holes required by other decking materials.

Unlike traditional lumber decking options, composite decking does not splinter when exposed to water and weather, so your family and friends can enjoy waterside outdoor living in safety and comfort.

Envision® Delivers Reliable Style and Safety

The entire suite of Envision® products, from hidden fasteners to Marquee Railings, are designed for comfort and style, so homeowners can enjoy beauty and comfort all year round. Even under adverse water and weather conditions, Envision® composite decking retains excellent aesthetic and functional advantages. Deliver style and safety with Envision®.

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