Competitive Advantage of Envision® Composite Decking Wednesday July 25, 2018

The Competitive Advantage of Excellent Composite Decking from Envision®

Experienced contractors know that professional success begins with excellent products and the know-how to make the most of them. Envision® offers a comprehensive suite of composite decking products, from railing systems to fasteners, for a functional, unified design. Other decking manufacturers often fall short of Envision’s tasteful blend of style and functionality, so choose the best. Build beautifully with Envision®.

Envision® Composite Decking Delivers Unrivaled Elegance

Color, style, texture, and distinction are the hallmarks of Envision® excellence. Eleven bold and elegant plank designs are available in our Distinction, Inspiration and Expression collections, representing a full spectrum of color palettes to complement any home design.

Envision® planks feature unique, non-repeating deep woodgrain patterning. This is made possible by our proprietary high-pressure compression moulding technique, which results in a beautiful natural appearance with deep textured woodgrain patterns.

Envision® Offers Branded Accessory Products

When you choose Envision® for your outdoor living space, you’ll get more than beautiful and distinctive composite decking planks, you also get a comprehensive array of decking accessories. Other composite decking manufacturers fail to offer a full suite of functional and aesthetic decking accessories, requiring clients and contractors to settle for mix-and-match materials that result in an inferior finished product.

Branded Envision® accessories are purpose-designed to beautifully accentuate every detail of your composite decking design. Envision® Marquee Railing® products are an elegant addition to any design. Also available are Envision® Tam-Rail® Railing products, an additional offering that further expands the design options available to clients and contractors.

Envision® and Evergrain® Deck Skirting products are a beautiful complement to any Envision® deck design, available in coordinated color options for a seamlessly complete aesthetic for Envision Distinction®, Envision Inspiration®, and Envision Expression® decking.

Envision®  EverClip® Hidden Fasteners are designed to guarantee beautiful and secure deck installation. EverClip® fasteners are carefully engineered to fit perfectly into the slotted grooves on the sides of Envision® decking planks, so every plank is securely and safely installed, with no unsightly surface screw holes.

To fully experience the beauty of the complete suite of Envision® products, view the Envision® Idea Gallery.

Envision® Offers Professional Excellence

At Envision®, we value the unique design vision of each customer, and we also value the professional contractors who make those visions into reality. That’s why we offer excellent Professional Resources for contractors. For the best contractors who are dedicated to the high standards of Envision®, we also offer the Envision® Professional Registration program, with special information, resources and Envision® products.

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Envision® Registered Contractors must periodically meet certain qualifications to become or remain an Envision® Registered Contractor; however, TAMKO does not make any representations or warranties regarding the reputation, skill level, qualifications or expertise of Envision® Registered Contractors. Envision® Registered Contractors are not employees of, agents of, or affiliated with TAMKO in any manner.