Hosting an Outdoor BBQ on Your Envision® Deck (part 1)

Host an Amazing Outdoor BBQ on your Envision® Deck

There are lots of things that homeowners can do to prepare their outdoor living space for a great BBQ with family and friends. Today, Envision® offers advice for beating the summer heat when you are entertaining, as well as providing comfortable and stylish furniture for BBQ events large and small. Forthcoming blogs will continue to provide helpful advice for a perfect BBQ, including advice for outdoor kitchens, poolside BBQs, and design elements for great BBQ events. To discover top-notch tips and tricks for hosting the perfect BBQ, read on.

Furniture for Style and Comfort

Comfortable outdoor seating is a perfect complement to a beautiful outdoor living space from Envision®. Most homeowners will have enough outdoor seating for their family and a few friends, but what options are available when you are having a big group over for a BBQ and you don’t have enough seating?

Short-term furniture rental is an option for homeowners hosting large groups. There are many companies that provide outdoor furniture for large events such as weddings or family reunions. These companies will be happy to provide plenty of chairs and tables for your event, so every guest at your BBQ will be seated comfortably. Prices for a one-day rental are reasonable, and the furniture is delivered to your home, so set-up will be a breeze.

If your BBQ group will be too large for your current outdoor seating arrangement, but too small to necessitate a furniture rental, consider simply moving indoor dining tables and chairs into your outdoor entertaining space. In previous blogs, we have discussed the aesthetic and functional benefits of unifying the design style of indoor and outdoor spaces, and this is a perfect opportunity to make the most of this unified design approach. Bringing indoor furnishings outside for your BBQ event will double your outdoor seating options, and the unified design will ensure your overall aesthetic is cohesive and stylish.

For outdoor furniture style ideas that complement your outdoor living design, check out the Envision® Idea Gallery.

Cool Features for Warm Weather

Warm weather is perfect for a summer BBQ with friends, but what if the weather is heating up and it starts to get a little too warm? There are great design ideas that can help solve this problem. With a little preparation, you can help your guests stay cool at your BBQ, even when temperatures are climbing.

Shade sails and awnings are an excellent way to mitigate warm temperatures on hot sunny days. Shade sails and awnings come in a variety of colors and styles, so think about your overall outdoor design aesthetic when you make your choice. Consider a vibrant color that complements the existing color palette of your design. For example, perhaps there are sky-blue throw pillows for your outdoor seating that already coordinate with the beautiful Barnwood Plank decking from the Envision Inspiration® Collection. Choose a navy blue shade sail that will contribute to the variety of blue tones in your design, and, of course, it will coordinate nicely with the beautiful blue sky during your BBQ.

Consider this hot new trend in cool outdoor living that is sure to please your BBQ guests when temperatures are climbing: a screened-in outdoor living space with indoor air-conditioning ventilation. Screened-in living space retains air temperature surprisingly well, so if your screened-in area shares a wall with your home, or is close-by, it will be quick work for a contractor to add an air vent so you can keep cool all summer long.

Enjoy Summer in Style with Envision®

Entertain friends and family in style this summer with beautiful outdoor spaces designed with the suite of decking products from Envision®. Whether you are having a small gathering of friends or a family reunion with dozens of guests, a fun summer BBQ is a great way to get together and enjoy the warm months of summer. With helpful advice, professional resources, and excellent Envision® products, your summer BBQ party is sure to be a hit!

Composite Decking for Docks, Pools and Water Features

The Advantages of Composite Decking for Docks, Pools and Water Features

Envision® composite decking delivers many advantages over traditional lumber decking for any deck design and home style. In particular, deck designs that incorporate water features — from swimming pools to lakefront docks — benefit greatly from the use of composite decking. In today’s blog from Envision®, we will discuss the advantages of composite decking for designs with pools, docks, and water features.

Stylish Options for Any Home Design

Homes with waterfront views, water features, or swimming pools are a fantastic opportunity to make the most of outdoor living spaces. There are many aesthetic and functional amenities that can be incorporated into the decking design to complement the beauty of the existing water features.

The suite of Envision® composite decking products delivers a full spectrum of colors, textures and styles to match the existing exterior design elements. For waterside deck areas that receive direct sunlight on hot summer days, consider lighter color palettes that will reflect sunlight and help the decking surface stay cooler.

There are a variety of Envision® color options that have a perfect aesthetic for homes with water features. The subtle blue and grey hues of Barnwood Plank from the Envision Inspiration® Collection, or Grey Wood from the Envision Distinction® Collection, are a beautiful complement to azure waters and swimming pools.

For additional inspiration for deck design with water features, check out the Envision® Idea Gallery.

Safety and Comfort for Family and Friends

Envision® composite decking offers excellent advantages for safe and comfortable use all year round. Envision® offers a Hidden Fastener system, which securely fastens to engineered grooves on the sides of each piece of Envision® decking, so every piece of material is securely installed without the numerous and unsightly surface screw holes required by other decking materials.

Unlike traditional lumber decking options, composite decking does not splinter when exposed to water and weather, so your family and friends can enjoy waterside outdoor living in safety and comfort.

Envision® Delivers Reliable Style and Safety

The entire suite of Envision® products, from hidden fasteners to Marquee Railings, are designed for comfort and style, so homeowners can enjoy beauty and comfort all year round. Even under adverse water and weather conditions, Envision® composite decking retains excellent aesthetic and functional advantages. Deliver style and safety with Envision®.

Discover the Envision® Registered Contractor program and learn how it can benefit your business today.

Ways to Turn Your Envision® Deck Into a Summer Entertainment Space

Envision® Summer Deck

How to Make Your Envision® Deck the Ultimate Summer Entertainment Space

Envision® Summer DeckThere are few memories as precious as summertime spent with family and friends.  Hot dogs on the grill, tossing a baseball in the backyard, ice cream and popsicles on a sunny day— this is what summer is all about!  A beautiful outdoor living space built with Envision® composite decking is a perfect setting for summer memories. In today’s blog, we explore ideas and inspiration for outdoor entertaining with family and friends.

Furnishing an Envision® Deck for Entertaining

When entertaining with friends and family, comfortable seating is a must.  Be sure to choose sturdy, weather-resistant furniture for many seasons of comfort and enjoyment. A large outdoor table is a great addition as well, for pleasant weekend barbeque gatherings.  

Weather-resistant pillows are a nice complement as well, adding color and comfort to seating areas.  When choosing outdoor furniture, don’t forget to coordinate style and color with the aesthetic of your Envision® decking.

Consider lighting features for your outdoor spaces, so that visits with friends and family can extend into evening hours. Dimmable lighting is ideal, so that the light can be adjusted to fit the mood. A variety of colors that will complement the style of your furniture and decking materials are available for outdoor lighting.

Entertain in Style with an Outdoor Kitchen

Summer gatherings with friends and family are seldom complete without a delicious meal.  Whether grilling hotdogs and burgers on gameday, hosting a family reunion event, or just enjoying ice cream on a sunny day, the amenities of a home kitchen are a wonderful addition to outdoor entertaining spaces.

A good grill is a great start, but also consider adding a refrigerator, sink and prep station for a fully functional outdoor kitchen area. The aesthetic of stainless steel grills and appliances is perfectly complemented by the beautiful decking options from the Envision Distinction® Collection.

Envision® Quick Tip: It is recommended that homeowners place a grill mat under their grill to prevent oil and grease damage to decking products.

Other Features to Consider

A fire feature is a lovely option for cool summer evenings. The warm orange glow of firelight is a wonderful accompaniment to the beauty of Envision® decking products, like the rich and earthy highlights of Shaded Auburn boards from the Envision Distinction® Collection.

Shade sails are a perfect choice to help keep cool on warm summer days. They are practical, but they are also quite stylish. Shade sails come in many colors and sizes, so coordinate your choice with the existing aesthetic of your deck design.

If your family and friends enjoy going to the movies, consider bringing the movie theater home with an outdoor movie projector. LED projectors were once very expensive, but recent advances have substantially reduced their cost and increased their quality.

Envision® Distinctive Style for Your Deck Design

Beautiful composite decking from Envision® delivers excellent comfort and appeal for an exceptional outdoor living space that family and friends will love. Entertain in style all summer long with Envision®.

Contractors and builders can learn more about everything Envision® has to offer by becoming a Registered Pro with Envision®.

Designing a Deck for a Waterfront Property with Envision®

Designing a Deck on a Waterfront Property

Advice from Envision® for Designing a Deck on the Waterfront

Designing a Deck on a Waterfront PropertyThe opportunity to design a deck with a waterfront view is a great chance for any experienced contractor. The natural beauty of the setting makes it easy to build something clients will love.  In today’s blog with Envision®, we will delve into design ideas for decks with a waterfront view.

Take Advantage of the View

Consider the orientation of the site where you intend to build. Does the deck have easterly or westerly exposure? Morning sunrises and evening sunsets make for beautiful views over the water, so plan your designs with orientation in mind. Utilize multi-level deck design to deliver varied views of the waterfront, so your clients can enjoy a different vista every day.

Composite decking is a great choice for docks and waterside decking. If possible, bring the waterfront to the home with a boardwalk and dock incorporated into the larger deck design. Clients will love the chance to enjoy a barefoot stroll with the comfort of Envision® decking from their backdoor right to the water’s edge.

Blend Outdoor Living Spaces with Natural Surroundings

There are few natural features found in a home that are more enjoyable than a waterfront view. For those homeowners lucky enough to have such lovely surroundings, there are many great options for bringing the beauty of the natural environment into outdoor living spaces.

Building out a deck to include shelter under a beautiful old oak tree can provide comfortable shade while joining the outdoor living space with the idyllic environment around the home. Decorative potted plants and flowering bushes make a lovely complement to the refined look of Envision® Railing products.

Riverstone retaining walls add multi-level living space and can be incorporated into the descending stairs from the deck, adding a serene style that brings the aesthetic of the stony shoreline right up to the outdoor living space. Consider Barnwood Plank from the Envision Inspiration® Collection for a decking color palette that will look great with stonework.

Feature Indoor Amenities in Outdoor Living Spaces

No matter the season or the time of day, your clients will want to make the most of their scenic setting.  So when you are designing a deck, plan for daily use all year-round. Outdoor fireplaces are a great option for cool evenings and warm firelight. A handsome ceiling fan provides a cool breeze even on hot summer days and can be color coordinated with a variety of Envision® decking aesthetics.

Consider including a covered screened-in dining area for spending time outdoors with friends and family no matter the weather. Tangled Twine from the Envision Inspiration® Collection is a great choice for bringing a homey indoor feel to screened in living space outdoors.

An outdoor kitchen is another great option to offer clients. Grey Wood from the Envision Distinction® Collection makes a lovely complement to the modern appeal of stainless steel grills and appliances in an outdoor kitchen.

Waterfront Deck Design with Envision®

A waterfront view is an amazing feature for any deck design, and Envision® composite decking products will help you make the most of it. With beauty, quality and comfort, Envision® delivers everything you need to turn an amazing view into an amazing outdoor living space.

Contractors will find excellent professional resources, including the tools to market Envision® products, by becoming a Registered Pro with Envision®.    

Set Yourself Apart from the Competition: Choose Envision® Decking

Envision® Contractor

Envision® Decking Helps You to Stand Out from the Competition

Envision® Contractor

Quality contractors are always looking for new techniques, new tools, and new products that will set them apart from the competition.  Standing out requires experience, honesty, and the know-how to get the job done right. Envision® is here to help, with useful advice, professional resources, and exquisite building materials.  Read on to learn how Envision® can help contractors take their work to the next level.

Versatile Beauty Gives You Options

Experienced contractors know that design versatility is important when working with clients, so you can offer homeowners a variety of gorgeous choices for their decking plans. Client choice is an extremely important element of the design process, ensuring that the finished product makes the client feel at home in their personalized outdoor living space.

Envision® composite decking delivers the versatility to offer clients a variety of excellent design styles to select from. The Envision Distinction® collection boasts a beautiful selection of bold colors, dramatic highlights and deep woodgrain patterns, so you can offer clients several design options that all coordinate beautifully with their existing home aesthetic.  Envision® also offers a variety of deck railing and skirting products, further broadening the choice of design styles for clients.

Receive Fewer Callbacks

Envision® decking is made with an advanced compression molding process. With accompanying Everclip® Hidden Fasteners, your clients can look forward to simple and secure installation. Composite decking materials stand apart from a traditional wood plank and may result in lower maintenance for you and your clients.

Choosing higher quality products with lower maintenance requirements is the most fundamental thing a contractor can do to ensure that their work is beautiful and reliable, long after the job is done. As a contractor, your time and your reputation are extremely valuable assets, so choose Envision® products, reduce your callbacks, and hone your competitive edge.

Build an Incredible Portfolio of Work

It is difficult for a client to be absolutely certain that the contractor they choose will be able to deliver the quality and style that they are seeking. A portfolio of excellent work is the best way to give clients confidence, if not certainty, that when they choose your contracting company they are choosing quality craftsmanship that they can rely on.

Envision® composite decking is a top-of-the-line product that delivers beautiful results clients and contractors can count on. When you are building your portfolio, innovative design, quality workmanship, and excellent materials from Envision® will make all the difference.

See what product excellence can do for your portfolio in the Envision® Idea Gallery.

Work Well with Envision® Decking

Even for experienced contractors, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Envision® delivers excellent building materials in a wide variety of colors and styles, so contractors can offer a broad range of beautiful designs to satisfy even the most discerning clients. Envision® is here for contractors, with useful advice, professional resources, and alluring decking products that make a definitive difference.

Build your business. Learn about the Envision® Registered Contractor program today.

Designing a Deck: Ways to Customize Your Deck Build

Designing a Deck: Creative Custom Design Options for Your Deck Build

Modern outdoor living spaces increasingly incorporate the comforts and aesthetics of indoor living, and that means designing a deck often requires inspired creativity and superior materials. Experienced contractors will deliver unique and personalized designs, tailored to the specific expectations of clients. Envision® decking products deliver comfort, beauty and functionality, so every deck design feels just like home.

Color and Texture for Beauty and Comfort

Envision® composite decking products offer excellent quality and a remarkable aesthetic. With beautiful, multi-hued coloration and texture, clients will be amazed with the results. Every board features textured woodgrain patterning that never repeats, making every piece unique. The Envision Distinction® Collection features bold colors and dramatic highlights, evoking the character of real wood plank. 

With a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from, Envision® composite decking products make it easy to coordinate the color palette and design aesthetic of new construction with the existing home interior.

Fire Features

The addition of a fire feature when designing a deck is a perfect way to bring the comfort of indoor amenities into outdoor living spaces. The warm color tones of Shaded Auburn boards from the Envision Distinction® Collection will make a lovely complement to the orange glow of firelight in the evening.  If your client prefers a modern and minimalist look, consider a stainless steel fire feature in combination with the cool and clean look of Envision Distinction® Grey Wood boards.

Shade Sails

An important selling point for any deck design is year-round use, and shaded areas deliver cool comfort, even when the weather is warm. Shade sails make a great addition when designing a deck, offering distinctive style as well as practical functionality.  Shade sails are available in many colors and sizes, so be sure to coordinate your choice of shade sail with the color palette of your selected Envision® decking products.

Unique Lighting Features

For homeowners who enjoy spending time in their outdoor living space in the evenings, lighting features are a perfect choice. There are a great variety of lighting features to choose from when designing a deck. Dimmable lighting features are a fantastic option, allowing the homeowner to select just the right light level to match the mood.

Clients may choose from a range of lighting colors to suit their personal preferences. Crisp, white light is perfect for modern designs with color palettes such as grey, black, and stainless steel. Warm colored light is ideal for traditional designs with color palettes such as auburn, brown, and stone. Just as with interior living spaces, lighting ties the deck design together, so a thoroughly considered choice for lighting is an important part of designing a deck.

Designing a Deck with Envision®

The modern homeowner has high expectations for outdoor living spaces, and contractors will need to utilize innovative ideas and excellent products to meet those expectations. Don’t settle for anything less than the beauty of Envision® composite decking. With helpful tips, useful resources, and products of unmatched elegance, Envision® is here to help contractors build ideal outdoor living spaces for clients.

Envision® provides our Registered Pros with all the tools they need. Learn more about the Envision® Registered Contractor program today.

Outdoor Decking: Making the Most of a Large Outdoor Space

outdoor decking on large waterfront property

Outdoor Decking: Making the Most of a Large Outdoor Space

Having a large property allows you to expand your home and design the outdoor area however you like. Take advantage of all this space by investing in an outdoor living space. Creating a deck using Envision® composite decking makes for a beautiful addition to your home that connects you to the wonderful natural scenery around you.

Create a Large Deck

If you have the outdoor space to spare, you may want to create something grand with plenty of room for events, cookouts, and enjoying the fresh air. The bigger the outdoor living space you choose to create, the more options you will have when you want to add features like an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, and more.

Include a Sunroom on Your Deck

With a large outdoor deck, you can turn a portion of it into a screened-in sunroom. A sunroom gives you all the appeal of an open-air deck but with additional protection from rain and pests. Sunrooms are also great for plants that appreciate ample light. Heating this area with a space heater or stove allows you to enjoy it year-round.

Segment Off Portions of Your Deck

With a large deck, you can create more specialized spaces on each portion of the deck. You can have a dedicated area for your outdoor kitchen, a dedicated lounge area with a fire pit, a dedicated dining area, and much more. Make a total entertainment space of your outdoor decking by incorporating a number of elements. Guests will enjoy the versatility and style of your outdoor living space as they enjoy the fire, relax by the gentle bubbling of a water feature, gather around the grill, and more.

Create a Tiered Deck

If your home is on an incline, consider creating a multi-tiered deck. This gives you even more outdoor space and more opportunities for unique outdoor living areas. For instance, one tier of your deck could have a hot tub on it, so you can enjoy the views as the day’s tensions melt away. Now you have an outdoor space you can use even when the weather cools off.

Outdoor Decking from Envision®

If you’re looking at outdoor decking options for your new deck, ask your contractor about Envision®, or find a dealer near you. Create the deck of your dreams when you use Envision® composite decking as your outdoor decking material. We have a variety of beautiful hues to choose from in our Distinction, Inspiration, and Expression lines. Browse our Idea Gallery to see some of the beautiful decks that have been created in the past with Envision® outdoor decking, and browse our product lines to see the different shades we have available.  

Outdoor Decking: Four Benefits of Screened-In Decks

family grills out on enclosed outdoor decking area

Outdoor Decking: Four Selling Points for Screened-In Decks

A screened-in porch is a versatile addition to any home. They give homeowners a bug-free space for dinners and events, they make a home more appealing to potential buyers, and so much more. Yet many homeowners are not aware of how easily a screened-in porch can be added to an outdoor decking area.

If you think a screened-in porch would be an appropriate addition to a deck you are working on, do not be afraid to recommend it. There are many useful benefits of screened-in porches that homebuyers will find appealing, so take the opportunity to let them know. Below, learn four selling points for screened-in porches.

Easy to Build

A screened-in porch is rarely included in the thermal boundary of the home, meaning no insulation or HVAC is required. A screened-in porch also need not be a part of the foundation of the home, so adding one on to an existing outdoor decking structure is relatively easy. This saves you some trouble and reduces the cost for the buyer.

Bug-Free Outdoor Living

What homeowners enjoy most about a screened-in porch is the opportunity for pest-free outdoor living. Screens prevent fairweather pests like mosquitoes and gnats from bothering groups trying to enjoy an evening on their outdoor decking.

Resale Appeal

A screened-in porch will not necessarily increase the value of a home. That will depend on many other factors. However, screened-in porches and professionally-installed outdoor decking will increase the appeal of a home to most buyers. This boost in attractiveness alone can be enough to sell a home more quickly.

Seasonal Versatility

Homeowners who love to host events appreciate the seasonal versatility of a screened-in porch. They can be used during light rains and storms, and because they are often comfortably decorated, they are still usable in the mild chill of autumn. This opens up the opportunity for all kinds of seasonal events from spring celebrations to summer cookouts and autumn afternoons with a warm cider.

Outdoor Decking with Envision®

Become a registered contractor with Envision® and enjoy the benefits of partnering with the best. The compression molding process for our outdoor decking allows for an incredibly true-to-life wood-like grain and blended colors that rival the most scenic landscapes. Bring interior and outdoor living together with a screened-in porch for your clientele, and let us help. With promotional materials and more from Envision®, you can become the go-to for composite decking and outdoor living design. Click here to learn more.

How Envision® Decking Makes Deck Installation Easy

family enjoys overcast afternoon on Envision® Decking

Envision® Decking: Installation Made Easy

Time management, careful effort, and dedicated attention are all required for proper professional composite decking installation. During busy times of year and when the weather is not so favorable, one of these elements may suffer.

Envision® Decking makes installing our composite deck boards simple and effective with the help of our Everclip® Hidden Fastener and Envision® & Evergrain® Deck Screws. These tools together let your customers maintain the color coordination of their outdoor living space while securely and effectively fastening their composite decking into place. The benefit to you is that they’re reliable and easy to use. Read on to learn how Envision® Decking helps you install our composite decking with no trouble.

Discreet & Functional — Everclip® Hidden Fastener

The Everclip® Hidden Fastener is designed with you and your clientele in mind. Both discreet and functional, this low-profile fastener fits neatly into the grooves below the walking surface of our composite decking. Its serrated teeth clamp down, securing the composite boards to a joist for lateral support. This prevent board creep and maintains the clean appearance of the deck.

Color-Matched To Suit Your Style — Envision® & Evergrain® Deck Screws

Deck screws from Envision® Decking are designed with the same attention as our fasteners to both yours and your clients’ preferences; these deck screws are optimized to secure our composite deck boards while maintaining the overall aesthetic of the outdoor living space. They are made to stand up to the weather and they come available in colors to match your client’s composite decking.

Unique & Made in the USA — Envision® Decking

Work with a product you can trust from a name that is respected as an industry leader. Envision® Decking brings you compression-molded decking that is unmatched in appeal. Offering specially-blended, natural-like colors and a deep, unique grain pattern, our made-in-the-USA composite decking will inspire you and your clientele. Give them the style and aesthetic they desire while working with an excellent product.

Become a Registered Contractor

Bring your customers a product they will recognize for its sophistication and its design-inspiring beauty. Help them live their dreams with an outdoor living space as alluring as nature itself. Become an Envision® Registered Contractor to find out how. We provide you with marketing materials, promotional items, social media recognition, and much more. Learn more about who we are here, start your registration here, or find a dealer for our Envision® Decking products here.

Composite Decking for Different Home Designs

Composite Deck Colors

Pair Composite Decking with Different Styles of Homes

Inspiration can strike from anywhere, and today it comes from the Envision® Decking blog. We will highlight some of the color options we offer for our composite decks and some possible combinations to add the perfect touch to any style of home. With an array of striking hues in our Distinction, Inspiration, and Expression lines, we offer something that will fulfill your decking dreams. Let us inspire you to create something truly beautiful!

Decking to Complement a Craftsman Style

Charming and cozy Craftsman-style homes call for an inviting composite deck. Choose from several warm and homey styles that still add that touch of luxury.

Shaded Auburn

For the utmost in comfortable class, the Shaded Auburn hue from the Envision Distinction® line is the perfect complement to a Craftsman home. This autumnal tone will give your home an air of luxury without detracting from the captivating nature of the Craftsman style. Our versatile Shaded Auburn hue pairs well with any style of home.  Browse our idea gallery to see how.

Decking to Complement an Industrial Style

The modern industrial style has become an ever-popular choice for homes and businesses. Whether you’re building a composite deck for a restaurant patio or a modern home, Envision® has decking that will be the perfect accompaniment to an industrial aesthetic.

Grey Wood

The urban and streamlined aesthetic of an industrial home or business needs something that enhances that image and brings out its best aspects. The tranquil touch of a grey wood composite deck from our Distinction line can help to soften some of the harder edges of the industrial style, while still highlighting the contemporary theme. Browse our idea gallery to see some of the ways grey wood has been used to create a beautiful decking oasis.

Decking to Complement a Rustic Style

Rustic homes have a natural charm that lends warmth to any neighborhood. Bring out the best of these nature-inspired tones with a deep-hued composite deck.

Rustic Walnut

Perfect for vacation homes, cabins, or any home looking to capture a rustic look, the Rustic Walnut from our Distinction Line is sure to complement the scenery and bring out the exquisite qualities of your home. Browse our idea gallery to see more examples of our Rustic Walnut decking.

Composite Decks to Match Any Style

Envision® composite decking was designed with variety and the essence of beauty in mind. Homes will differ in style, color, and a variety of other factors. That’s why we provide a plethora of color options to create the ideal composite deck oasis. If inspiration is ever hard to come by, make sure to browse our Idea Gallery to see some of the beautiful spaces that have been created with Envision® decking.