Hosting an Outdoor BBQ on Your Envision® Deck (part 1)

Host an Amazing Outdoor BBQ on your Envision® Deck

There are lots of things that homeowners can do to prepare their outdoor living space for a great BBQ with family and friends. Today, Envision® offers advice for beating the summer heat when you are entertaining, as well as providing comfortable and stylish furniture for BBQ events large and small. Forthcoming blogs will continue to provide helpful advice for a perfect BBQ, including advice for outdoor kitchens, poolside BBQs, and design elements for great BBQ events. To discover top-notch tips and tricks for hosting the perfect BBQ, read on.

Furniture for Style and Comfort

Comfortable outdoor seating is a perfect complement to a beautiful outdoor living space from Envision®. Most homeowners will have enough outdoor seating for their family and a few friends, but what options are available when you are having a big group over for a BBQ and you don’t have enough seating?

Short-term furniture rental is an option for homeowners hosting large groups. There are many companies that provide outdoor furniture for large events such as weddings or family reunions. These companies will be happy to provide plenty of chairs and tables for your event, so every guest at your BBQ will be seated comfortably. Prices for a one-day rental are reasonable, and the furniture is delivered to your home, so set-up will be a breeze.

If your BBQ group will be too large for your current outdoor seating arrangement, but too small to necessitate a furniture rental, consider simply moving indoor dining tables and chairs into your outdoor entertaining space. In previous blogs, we have discussed the aesthetic and functional benefits of unifying the design style of indoor and outdoor spaces, and this is a perfect opportunity to make the most of this unified design approach. Bringing indoor furnishings outside for your BBQ event will double your outdoor seating options, and the unified design will ensure your overall aesthetic is cohesive and stylish.

For outdoor furniture style ideas that complement your outdoor living design, check out the Envision® Idea Gallery.

Cool Features for Warm Weather

Warm weather is perfect for a summer BBQ with friends, but what if the weather is heating up and it starts to get a little too warm? There are great design ideas that can help solve this problem. With a little preparation, you can help your guests stay cool at your BBQ, even when temperatures are climbing.

Shade sails and awnings are an excellent way to mitigate warm temperatures on hot sunny days. Shade sails and awnings come in a variety of colors and styles, so think about your overall outdoor design aesthetic when you make your choice. Consider a vibrant color that complements the existing color palette of your design. For example, perhaps there are sky-blue throw pillows for your outdoor seating that already coordinate with the beautiful Barnwood Plank decking from the Envision Inspiration® Collection. Choose a navy blue shade sail that will contribute to the variety of blue tones in your design, and, of course, it will coordinate nicely with the beautiful blue sky during your BBQ.

Consider this hot new trend in cool outdoor living that is sure to please your BBQ guests when temperatures are climbing: a screened-in outdoor living space with indoor air-conditioning ventilation. Screened-in living space retains air temperature surprisingly well, so if your screened-in area shares a wall with your home, or is close-by, it will be quick work for a contractor to add an air vent so you can keep cool all summer long.

Enjoy Summer in Style with Envision®

Entertain friends and family in style this summer with beautiful outdoor spaces designed with the suite of decking products from Envision®. Whether you are having a small gathering of friends or a family reunion with dozens of guests, a fun summer BBQ is a great way to get together and enjoy the warm months of summer. With helpful advice, professional resources, and excellent Envision® products, your summer BBQ party is sure to be a hit!

Complementary Color Schemes for Your Composite Decking Part 3

More Complementary Color Schemes for Your Composite Decking

In previous blog entries, we have explored distinctive design ideas for different home styles and complementary Envision® composite decking aesthetics. Today in the Envision® blog, we explore three new home design styles, and we deliver more ideas to make every deck design beautiful. Read on for more design ideas and advice from Envision®.

Composite Decking to Complement a Townhouse Home Design

Townhomes come in a variety of styles, they share a few defining features. Townhomes are adjoined with their neighbors in a row. Townhomes are generally two or more stories, with the kitchen and living space on the first floor and bedrooms on upper floors. Generally, townhomes have limited lawn space, so it is important to make the most of every square foot of outdoor space available to the homeowner.

A small yard makes it all the more important to be creative when designing outdoor living spaces. The backyard areas in townhomes often open into indoor spaces such as kitchens and living rooms, so a great way to make the outdoor living space feel larger is to extend the indoor aesthetic outdoors with decking designs that offer the comforts and amenities of indoor living. Consider a rich color and deep textured woodgrain that complements the interior design of the home — Rustic Walnut is a beautiful choice that will seamlessly transition interior and exterior designs.

Composite Decking to Complement a Victorian Home Design

Victorian architectural style is characterized by classic Old World design elements, including Romanesque columns and ornate Gothic details in trim, railings, and roof lines. Victorian homes often feature multiple porch and deck areas, such as porticos, balconies and terraces. The color palette of Victorian homes is often neutral, such as eggshell, grey, or pastel shades of blue.

The variety of deck areas make Victorian homes ideal for inspired outdoor living space design. Outdoor furniture with soft textured fabrics and cushions is a great way to bring indoor comforts outdoors. Ambient, dimmable LED lighting is recommended as well. To complement a neutral color palette, consider a delicately textured, multi-hued style from the Envision Distinction® Collection, such as Grey Wood.

Composite Decking to Complement a Farmhouse Home Design

Farmhouse home design is characterized by broad home face with pitched rooflines and a covered porch that runs the length of the front of the home. Farmhouse homes often feature light color palettes, such as eggshell white and pastel blues and tans. Light decking colors, large covered porches, and accentuated railing styles are excellent choices for a farmhouse deck design.

Farmhouse porches are often used as transitional spaces between several indoor rooms, for example, two bedrooms and a living room may share access to a single porch that stretches across the length of the home. So it is recommended to blend the style of indoor design with the style of outdoor design to unify the transitional spaces. This can be accomplished by including a vibrant accent color in both indoor and outdoor designs, complemented by subtly colored Envision® decking products, such as Weathered Wicker from the Envision Inspiration® Collection.

Composite Decks to Match Any Home

There are so many unique and distinctive home styles that it can feel overwhelming to build complementary outdoor living space designs. Envision® makes it easy with helpful design advice, professional resources, and excellent products with a full spectrum of colors and styles to match the aesthetic of any home. Build beautifully with Envision®.

Learn about the Envision® Registered Contractor program and how it can benefit your business today.

2018 Decking Trends from Envision®

Inspired Decking Trends for 2018 from Envision®

Hot new decking trends are changing the style of outdoor design in 2018. Envision® is right on the cutting edge, with helpful advice, professional resources, and excellent products that make it easy to design inspired beautiful spaces. From classic comfort to 21st-century technology, 2018 is an exciting year for decking trends.

1) Comfort is King

Comfy cushions, pillows, daybeds, and ottomans are must-have items for deck design this year. The amenities of indoor living are trending in outdoor design, and homeowners have never been more comfortable outdoors. Excellent outdoor upholstery options are now available, making it possible to decorate with products that offer soft texture and cushioned comfort while remaining resilient through weather and wear.

2) Vibrant Color is In

An otherwise neutral-colored design scheme benefits greatly from a splash of brightly colored feature elements to create a vibrant style that draws the eye across the whole design. Choose bright colors that are complemented by the multi-hued Envision Distinction® Collection. Complement the vibrant, fiery red of a Japanese Maple tree with the subtle warmth of Shaded Auburn composite decking. Or, accent the deep grey-blue hues of Envision® Grey Wood composite decking with a variety of bright blue throw pillows.

3) 21st Century Technology Today

It is the 21st century, after all, so it should be no surprise that some technological advances can make outdoor living on an Envision® deck an elegant and modern experience. With new innovations in LED lighting, it is now possible to choose from a wide variety of colors, lighting designs, and distinctive features such as adjustable dimming, color shift lighting, and solar powered options.

New technological advances have even made it possible to control the color and dimming features directly from your smartphone. Bluetooth equipped sound systems can be installed in outdoor living spaces and controlled entirely from the homeowner’s smartphone as well.

4) The Warmth of Fire Features

The aesthetic of a fire feature is a classic complement to contemporary outdoor living. Whether you prefer the natural look of stone masonry or the modern style of stainless steel, a fire feature will bring cozy comfort and a warm elegance to any deck design. The warm glow of a fire feature is complemented beautifully by the Envision Distinction® Collection. Consider the warm tones of Spiced Teak to complement a stone fire feature, or choose the slate blue hues of Grey Wood to complement a stainless steel fire feature. Fire features and comfortable, covered seating areas are perfect for a winter evening sunset over a snowy backyard vista.

5) Year Round Outdoor Comfort

Traditionally, family decks were primarily used in the warmer months of the year, but modern design styles deliver features and amenities that make it possible to enjoy outdoor living spaces all year round. Covered seating areas such as screened-in spaces and pergolas provide protection from weather as well as pesky insects, so any time of the year is a great time to enjoy outdoor living.

A screened-in living space retains warm and cool air, and modern homeowners are now taking advantage of this feature. It is relatively easy to bring indoor air-conditioning into outdoor living spaces, simply by extending existing ductwork to the screened-in areas, so homeowners can stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Envision® Delivers Inspired Design

Successful contractors know that if you want to excel in the industry, the number one priority is inspiring clients to imagine unique and distinctive designs that they truly love. Deliver modern design trends and styles that will bring clients to the table with Envision®.

Learn about the Envision® Registered Contractor program and how it can benefit your business today.

Ways to Turn Your Envision® Deck Into a Summer Entertainment Space

Envision® Summer Deck

How to Make Your Envision® Deck the Ultimate Summer Entertainment Space

Envision® Summer DeckThere are few memories as precious as summertime spent with family and friends.  Hot dogs on the grill, tossing a baseball in the backyard, ice cream and popsicles on a sunny day— this is what summer is all about!  A beautiful outdoor living space built with Envision® composite decking is a perfect setting for summer memories. In today’s blog, we explore ideas and inspiration for outdoor entertaining with family and friends.

Furnishing an Envision® Deck for Entertaining

When entertaining with friends and family, comfortable seating is a must.  Be sure to choose sturdy, weather-resistant furniture for many seasons of comfort and enjoyment. A large outdoor table is a great addition as well, for pleasant weekend barbeque gatherings.  

Weather-resistant pillows are a nice complement as well, adding color and comfort to seating areas.  When choosing outdoor furniture, don’t forget to coordinate style and color with the aesthetic of your Envision® decking.

Consider lighting features for your outdoor spaces, so that visits with friends and family can extend into evening hours. Dimmable lighting is ideal, so that the light can be adjusted to fit the mood. A variety of colors that will complement the style of your furniture and decking materials are available for outdoor lighting.

Entertain in Style with an Outdoor Kitchen

Summer gatherings with friends and family are seldom complete without a delicious meal.  Whether grilling hotdogs and burgers on gameday, hosting a family reunion event, or just enjoying ice cream on a sunny day, the amenities of a home kitchen are a wonderful addition to outdoor entertaining spaces.

A good grill is a great start, but also consider adding a refrigerator, sink and prep station for a fully functional outdoor kitchen area. The aesthetic of stainless steel grills and appliances is perfectly complemented by the beautiful decking options from the Envision Distinction® Collection.

Envision® Quick Tip: It is recommended that homeowners place a grill mat under their grill to prevent oil and grease damage to decking products.

Other Features to Consider

A fire feature is a lovely option for cool summer evenings. The warm orange glow of firelight is a wonderful accompaniment to the beauty of Envision® decking products, like the rich and earthy highlights of Shaded Auburn boards from the Envision Distinction® Collection.

Shade sails are a perfect choice to help keep cool on warm summer days. They are practical, but they are also quite stylish. Shade sails come in many colors and sizes, so coordinate your choice with the existing aesthetic of your deck design.

If your family and friends enjoy going to the movies, consider bringing the movie theater home with an outdoor movie projector. LED projectors were once very expensive, but recent advances have substantially reduced their cost and increased their quality.

Envision® Distinctive Style for Your Deck Design

Beautiful composite decking from Envision® delivers excellent comfort and appeal for an exceptional outdoor living space that family and friends will love. Entertain in style all summer long with Envision®.

Contractors and builders can learn more about everything Envision® has to offer by becoming a Registered Pro with Envision®.

Style and Color Coordination for Designing a Deck

Designing a Deck and Coordinating

Designing a Deck: Coordinating Your Colors and Styles

Designing a Deck and CoordinatingWhen designing a deck, one of the most important considerations to make is the selection of style and color palette. Planning to coordinate the aesthetic of new deck construction with existing interior and exterior design elements in the home takes some planning, but the finished product will make a lasting impression on clients. Inspire your clients with professional resources, helpful advice, and excellent products from Envision®.

Complementing and Contrasting

When selecting color and style for a new deck design, client preferences should always guide the process. Offer clients several options to choose from, so they feel at home in their personalized design. This is easy with Envision®, because Envision® Composite Decking is available in a full spectrum of multi-hued colors that offer endless stylish options.

It may seem surprising, but contrasting colors can actually complement one another when designing a deck. Contrasting color palettes give distinction to the design, creating dimensional depth that draws in the observer. Consider a sandy brown deck color with warm highlights, such as Spiced Teak from the Envision Distinction® Collection, paired with decorative railing in an eggshell color, such as the Envision Marquee® Railing in white.

For a striking contrast that complements a distinctive element of the deck design, consider using different styles of Envision® Composite Decking to highlight the feature. For example, consider a multi-level deck design that features a jacuzzi tub. While the majority of the deck is a rich, earthy Rustic Walnut, the jacuzzi should be located on an elevated section of the deck in smokey Grey Wood from the Envision Distinction® Collection.

Endless Inspiration from Envision® Composite Decking

Envision® Decking brings the beauty and style of indoor design into outdoor living spaces. With a full spectrum of colors to choose from, coordinating the color palette of a new deck design with the existing color palettes of the interior design and exterior style of the home is easy. Coordinated indoor and outdoor designs with unified hues and textures will naturally draw clients and their guests from indoor areas to outdoor entertaining spaces.

Coordinating color palettes with the natural surroundings is an excellent way to unify the aesthetic of the client’s entire property. Consider decking material that brings out the natural colors of nearby trees, flowering foliage and stone features. The lovely orange and red hues of a nearby Japanese Maple Tree are perfectly accentuated with the subtle warmth Shaded Auburn from the Envision Distinction® Collection.

There are endless options when designing a deck with the excellent products from Envision®. Always explore the wide variety of choices available with your clients, so that they can enjoy the inspiration and personalization available with Envision®.

Designing a Deck with Envision®

When designing a deck with the excellent range of options from Envision®, developing a design that will excite clients is simple. With a wide variety of colors and textures to choose from, as well as decking accessories such as railing and skirting, you can easily coordinate design aesthetic with existing home design and natural outdoor elements.

Envision® offers helpful advice, professional resources, and excellent materials to help contractors get the job done. Learn more about becoming a Registered Pro with Envision®.

Designing a Deck for a Waterfront Property with Envision®

Designing a Deck on a Waterfront Property

Advice from Envision® for Designing a Deck on the Waterfront

Designing a Deck on a Waterfront PropertyThe opportunity to design a deck with a waterfront view is a great chance for any experienced contractor. The natural beauty of the setting makes it easy to build something clients will love.  In today’s blog with Envision®, we will delve into design ideas for decks with a waterfront view.

Take Advantage of the View

Consider the orientation of the site where you intend to build. Does the deck have easterly or westerly exposure? Morning sunrises and evening sunsets make for beautiful views over the water, so plan your designs with orientation in mind. Utilize multi-level deck design to deliver varied views of the waterfront, so your clients can enjoy a different vista every day.

Composite decking is a great choice for docks and waterside decking. If possible, bring the waterfront to the home with a boardwalk and dock incorporated into the larger deck design. Clients will love the chance to enjoy a barefoot stroll with the comfort of Envision® decking from their backdoor right to the water’s edge.

Blend Outdoor Living Spaces with Natural Surroundings

There are few natural features found in a home that are more enjoyable than a waterfront view. For those homeowners lucky enough to have such lovely surroundings, there are many great options for bringing the beauty of the natural environment into outdoor living spaces.

Building out a deck to include shelter under a beautiful old oak tree can provide comfortable shade while joining the outdoor living space with the idyllic environment around the home. Decorative potted plants and flowering bushes make a lovely complement to the refined look of Envision® Railing products.

Riverstone retaining walls add multi-level living space and can be incorporated into the descending stairs from the deck, adding a serene style that brings the aesthetic of the stony shoreline right up to the outdoor living space. Consider Barnwood Plank from the Envision Inspiration® Collection for a decking color palette that will look great with stonework.

Feature Indoor Amenities in Outdoor Living Spaces

No matter the season or the time of day, your clients will want to make the most of their scenic setting.  So when you are designing a deck, plan for daily use all year-round. Outdoor fireplaces are a great option for cool evenings and warm firelight. A handsome ceiling fan provides a cool breeze even on hot summer days and can be color coordinated with a variety of Envision® decking aesthetics.

Consider including a covered screened-in dining area for spending time outdoors with friends and family no matter the weather. Tangled Twine from the Envision Inspiration® Collection is a great choice for bringing a homey indoor feel to screened in living space outdoors.

An outdoor kitchen is another great option to offer clients. Grey Wood from the Envision Distinction® Collection makes a lovely complement to the modern appeal of stainless steel grills and appliances in an outdoor kitchen.

Waterfront Deck Design with Envision®

A waterfront view is an amazing feature for any deck design, and Envision® composite decking products will help you make the most of it. With beauty, quality and comfort, Envision® delivers everything you need to turn an amazing view into an amazing outdoor living space.

Contractors will find excellent professional resources, including the tools to market Envision® products, by becoming a Registered Pro with Envision®.    

Complementary Color Schemes for Your Composite Decking Part 2

Composite Decking Colors

More Complementary Color Schemes for Your Composite Decking

Composite Decking ColorsIn a previous blog entry, we discussed design ideas for different home styles and complementary aesthetics of composite decking. Today in the Envision® blog, we continue exploring different styles of homes, and we discuss more ideas to inspire for your next deck design.  Read on for more ideas and tips from Envision®.

Decking to Complement a Coastal Style

Coastal style homes typically utilize lighter colors and clean, open design schemes. The color palettes are often inspired by the gentle pastels of the sand, sky and surf in the surrounding environment. Consider the light blues and greys of clouds in a summer sky, or the light sandy browns and eggshell whites of a beach strewn with seashells. Clean design and complementary colors will make outdoor living spaces at home in the natural beauty of the coast.

For coastal homes with a traditional style and a lighter exterior color scheme, such as a sandy beige with eggshell trim, consider a composite decking material with a light color and subtle amber notes, such as Spiced Teak from the Envision Distinction® Collection.

Decking to Complement a Craftsman Style Home

Craftsman style homes are characterized by traditional Old World architectural elements such as columns and gables, with handcrafted elemental features of stone and woodwork. Craftsman homes have a style that is ornate and traditional, but also feels at one with the environment and incorporates natural elements into the design.  Color palettes are often muted primary colors, such as forest greens or grey blues, with the natural colors of stone and wood featured in design details.

For craftsman homes in the traditional style, consider a composite decking material that delivers dark earthy browns with subtle notes of primary color highlights.  Rustic Walnut is a beautiful choice from the Envision Distinction® Collection, featuring rich browns and hints of muted red.

Decking to Complement a Modern Style

Modern style homes are characterized by clean lines and open layouts. Muted colors such as grey, black, and beige are common, contrasting with expansive windows and natural light that brings in bright colors and texture from the environment outdoors. Modern homes benefit greatly from large deck designs with outdoor living spaces. The transition from inside to outside is often seamless, demanding decking solutions that bring the quality and aesthetic of indoor design into outdoor spaces.

The beauty and versatility of Envision® products are essential for delivering the comfort and aesthetic of interior design seamlessly transitioned into outdoor spaces. The Grey Wood style from the Envision Distinction® Collection is a perfect choice for the modern-styled home.

Composite Decks to Match Any Style

Every home is unique, and the preferences of clients are always personal and distinctive.  Whether the style is Coastal, Craftsman, or Modern, you will find a beautiful complementary aesthetic with Envision®.  We are here to help with useful advice, professional resources, and composite decking materials that deliver beauty and excellence. Become an Envision® Registered Contractor and start experiencing the benefits today.

Designing a Deck: Ways to Customize Your Deck Build

Designing a Deck: Creative Custom Design Options for Your Deck Build

Modern outdoor living spaces increasingly incorporate the comforts and aesthetics of indoor living, and that means designing a deck often requires inspired creativity and superior materials. Experienced contractors will deliver unique and personalized designs, tailored to the specific expectations of clients. Envision® decking products deliver comfort, beauty and functionality, so every deck design feels just like home.

Color and Texture for Beauty and Comfort

Envision® composite decking products offer excellent quality and a remarkable aesthetic. With beautiful, multi-hued coloration and texture, clients will be amazed with the results. Every board features textured woodgrain patterning that never repeats, making every piece unique. The Envision Distinction® Collection features bold colors and dramatic highlights, evoking the character of real wood plank. 

With a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from, Envision® composite decking products make it easy to coordinate the color palette and design aesthetic of new construction with the existing home interior.

Fire Features

The addition of a fire feature when designing a deck is a perfect way to bring the comfort of indoor amenities into outdoor living spaces. The warm color tones of Shaded Auburn boards from the Envision Distinction® Collection will make a lovely complement to the orange glow of firelight in the evening.  If your client prefers a modern and minimalist look, consider a stainless steel fire feature in combination with the cool and clean look of Envision Distinction® Grey Wood boards.

Shade Sails

An important selling point for any deck design is year-round use, and shaded areas deliver cool comfort, even when the weather is warm. Shade sails make a great addition when designing a deck, offering distinctive style as well as practical functionality.  Shade sails are available in many colors and sizes, so be sure to coordinate your choice of shade sail with the color palette of your selected Envision® decking products.

Unique Lighting Features

For homeowners who enjoy spending time in their outdoor living space in the evenings, lighting features are a perfect choice. There are a great variety of lighting features to choose from when designing a deck. Dimmable lighting features are a fantastic option, allowing the homeowner to select just the right light level to match the mood.

Clients may choose from a range of lighting colors to suit their personal preferences. Crisp, white light is perfect for modern designs with color palettes such as grey, black, and stainless steel. Warm colored light is ideal for traditional designs with color palettes such as auburn, brown, and stone. Just as with interior living spaces, lighting ties the deck design together, so a thoroughly considered choice for lighting is an important part of designing a deck.

Designing a Deck with Envision®

The modern homeowner has high expectations for outdoor living spaces, and contractors will need to utilize innovative ideas and excellent products to meet those expectations. Don’t settle for anything less than the beauty of Envision® composite decking. With helpful tips, useful resources, and products of unmatched elegance, Envision® is here to help contractors build ideal outdoor living spaces for clients.

Envision® provides our Registered Pros with all the tools they need. Learn more about the Envision® Registered Contractor program today.

Tips for Designing a Deck on a Rooftop

rooftop outdoor living area in Denver with spiced teak decking

Designing a Deck for a Rooftop

Everyone loves outdoor living, even people who do not have much outdoor space to begin with. People living in urban spaces may have little to no lawn whatsoever, but they may have a rooftop. Rooftop decks are a popular choice for urban dwellers who enjoy the pleasures of outdoor living, but designing a deck for a rooftop presents its own set of challenges.

When you become an Envision® Registered Contractor, you are able to offer your customers a composite decking product of the utmost class and appeal for their rooftop deck. Read on for three necessary considerations you will have to make when designing a deck for a rooftop.

Assess the Workspace

Your first concern should be with the rooftop surface itself. You should inspect the area and get any building information you can from the homeowners and from any plans you can acquire. The rooftop will have to support the weight of the composite decking and the weight of people using it. It should also be relatively flat.

Drainage will also be an important issue. The roof will still have to drain rainwater properly to maintain its integrity and function. This often means developing a drainage strategy, such as using drainage mats that will separate the roof and the decking frame. Remember that assessing everything thoroughly up front when designing a deck will save you more hassle in the long run.

Assess the Building

The rooftop workspace can present enough challenges when you are designing a deck, but the building can present even more. The building codes of the city where you are working and the peculiarities of the building itself may determine how you do your work.

Depending on the materials you need and the manpower available to you, you may be able to get everything to the roof by stairs or by elevator. If the stairs are too narrow or the elevator too small, however, you may need to cut your composite boards differently or find another route. This may involve a crane, which will often require its own permit and a permit to block the street while it is in use. Be sure to verse yourself in the specific stipulations for these kinds of projects in the city or neighborhood where you are designing a deck.

Adjust Your Bid Accordingly

Many urban areas will have “quiet periods” where construction workers may not work. You may have to adjust your daily working hours to accommodate this. Your time on the job will also be affected by the ease with which you are able to move all the building materials to the site, so be sure to factor this into your initial bid.

Designing a Deck for a Rooftop? Team Up With Envision®

Get exclusive access to invaluable sales and marketing materials and plenty more when you become an Envision® Registered Contractor. Get started today and register here.

Incorporating Deck Railing in a Deck Design

man leans on deck railing while he plays guitar

Why Deck Railing is Important to Deck Design

Deck railing is an important element to an elegant deck design. Deck railing makes a boundary for the outdoor living space, giving a deck a more intimate feel. Front porches also benefit from the stronger separation between the yard and the home that deck railing creates.

When you become a Registered Contractor with Envision®, you are able to bring customers our premier composite deck railing products, the Marquee Railing® and Tam-Rail® deck railing systems. Read on to learn how to pitch railing to your interested customers.

They’re Required

Deck railing is going to be required for any deck 30 inches from the ground or higher. The Marquee Railing® and Tam-Rail® deck railing systems let you customize your railing to match or complement the style of your composite decking. And with customizable post caps that include colors like Weathered Copper, Bronze, Pewter, and more, your customers have even more options available to make the outdoor living space of their dreams. So if railing is required, getting something to match or accentuate the aesthetic of the deck makes sense.

They Give a Completed Look

Deck railings for outdoor living areas give a completed look to the home. Much like a deck will look incomplete with its structural components exposed underneath, it will also look unfinished in certain design contexts without a rail. Front porches especially benefit from deck railing. Decks that are relatively low to the ground may not need a rail to look complete as some wide and low designs tend to blend more with their surrounding landscapes. These decks may also use a natural boundary like a row of shrubs.

They Make a Space More Intimate

For some homeowners, the outdoor living space is all about event hosting. Springtime parties, summer cookouts, and autumn gatherings around a firepit are all made more intimate with deck railing to create a boundary. Guests may also appreciate deck railing in open, rural areas where they may be gathering into the night.

The Best in Deck Railing Systems from Envision®

The Marquee Railing® and Tam-Rail® deck railing systems provide elegant finishing touches to most composite decks. To experience the benefits of working with these products and our unique lines of composite decking, become an Envision® Registered Contractor. We provide you with marketing materials, design tips, Envision® apparel, and much more. Registration also gives you access to sales tools, trade show information, product knowledge sessions, and social media recognition. Learn all about it here.