Envision®: Digital Marketing and Website Advice for Contractors

Digital Marketing and Website Advice for Contractors from Envision®

In today’s modern world, if you want to operate a successful business, you are going to need to utilize the internet as a resource for marketing and brand building. Successful contractors make use of websites and digital marketing to demonstrate their know-how and draw in potential clients. In today’s blog, Envision® is here with helpful advice about building a professional presence online with digital marketing and website design.

Build a Beautiful Professional Portfolio

Prospective clients are looking for trusted and experienced contractors because they want to feel confident about the style and quality of the finished product. Help clients find confidence in your brand by including a professional portfolio of your work on your website.

It is difficult for clients to be absolutely sure that they will get the quality they are looking for, but a portfolio of beautiful completed work is the best way to inspire confidence in your company. Successful contractors know that inspired design options, experienced workmanship, and top-of-the-line building materials make the difference when building a professional portfolio.

See what the excellent decking design collections from Envision® can do for your portfolio in the Envision® Idea Gallery.

Help Clients Feel Like Experts with Informative Resources

Clients will feel more confident in their own design decision as well as your professional expertise when you give them all the facts they need to make a wise investment in their home. When creating a website, consider including an information resource section where you answer common client questions and provide helpful advice. This will show that you have the know-how to get the job done right for clients, and that you want clients to be well informed so they can make good decisions for their home.

An informative blog with helpful resources is also a great way to push your business to the top of your local competition online. If you want your website to top the list when clients use internet search engines to find local contractors, producing informative content for your website is the way to go.

Utilize Social Media

Social media is a very important part of successful online marketing for any business. It is very easy to create a helpful Facebook page for customers. Instagram is a great medium for displaying your beautiful portfolio of work and inspiring potential clients. Utilize Google Business tools to “claim” your company’s Google Profile, and ensure that all the information that Google displays for your business is accurate, including phone number, address, hours of operation, and the location of your business on Google Maps.

Envision® Quick Tip: No matter what social media platform you use, fast response times are key. Think of messages from customers on social media as though they just walked in the front door of your business. Strike while the iron is hot, and you are much more likely to close the deal.

Keep it Local

Whether you are developing your social media profile or you are are building a blog with helpful professional advice, make it clear that you are a local company and that you understand and value your community. Target your local market with thoughtful information about unique challenges or opportunities that the area offers. Perhaps mild winters in your area make year-round deck design an excellent option: write an informative blog for prospective clients! Perhaps your local basketball team is going to the championship: make an engaging social media post to support your hometeam! Keep it fun, keep it personal, and keep prospective clients engaged with your brand.

Build Your Brand with Envision®

It may not be easy to develop a website and digital marketing campaign, but the resulting professional success of your business is worth the effort. Envision® is here to help, with detailed advice, professional resources, and excellent composite decking products. Take a look at the great resources available from the Envision® Registered Contractor program and see how it can benefit your business today.

Competitive Advantage of Envision® Composite Decking

The Competitive Advantage of Excellent Composite Decking from Envision®

Experienced contractors know that professional success begins with excellent products and the know-how to make the most of them. Envision® offers a comprehensive suite of composite decking products, from railing systems to fasteners, for a functional, unified design. Other decking manufacturers often fall short of Envision’s tasteful blend of style and functionality, so choose the best. Build beautifully with Envision®.

Envision® Composite Decking Delivers Unrivaled Elegance

Color, style, texture, and distinction are the hallmarks of Envision® excellence. Eleven bold and elegant plank designs are available in our Distinction, Inspiration and Expression collections, representing a full spectrum of color palettes to complement any home design.

Envision® planks feature unique, non-repeating deep woodgrain patterning. This is made possible by our proprietary high-pressure compression moulding technique, which results in a beautiful natural appearance with deep textured woodgrain patterns.

Envision® Offers Branded Accessory Products

When you choose Envision® for your outdoor living space, you’ll get more than beautiful and distinctive composite decking planks, you also get a comprehensive array of decking accessories. Other composite decking manufacturers fail to offer a full suite of functional and aesthetic decking accessories, requiring clients and contractors to settle for mix-and-match materials that result in an inferior finished product.

Branded Envision® accessories are purpose-designed to beautifully accentuate every detail of your composite decking design. Envision® Marquee Railing® products are an elegant addition to any design. Also available are Envision® Tam-Rail® Railing products, an additional offering that further expands the design options available to clients and contractors.

Envision® and Evergrain® Deck Skirting products are a beautiful complement to any Envision® deck design, available in coordinated color options for a seamlessly complete aesthetic for Envision Distinction®, Envision Inspiration®, and Envision Expression® decking.

Envision®  EverClip® Hidden Fasteners are designed to guarantee beautiful and secure deck installation. EverClip® fasteners are carefully engineered to fit perfectly into the slotted grooves on the sides of Envision® decking planks, so every plank is securely and safely installed, with no unsightly surface screw holes.

To fully experience the beauty of the complete suite of Envision® products, view the Envision® Idea Gallery.

Envision® Offers Professional Excellence

At Envision®, we value the unique design vision of each customer, and we also value the professional contractors who make those visions into reality. That’s why we offer excellent Professional Resources for contractors. For the best contractors who are dedicated to the high standards of Envision®, we also offer the Envision® Professional Registration program, with special information, resources and Envision® products.

Hidden Fasteners and Their Purpose

The Style and Function of Hidden Fasteners from Envision®

Hidden Fasteners from Envision® provide style and functionality for a beautiful deck design and unrivaled finished results. Hidden fasteners are designed for safe and secure installation. Carefully engineered, hidden fasteners require no surface screw holes or marring of the decking surface. Experienced contractors will appreciate the functional elegance of Envision® fasteners.

Hidden Fasteners are Purpose-Designed

The entire suite of decking products from Envision® is designed to make installation easy and secure. Hidden fasteners fit perfectly into the slotted grooves on the edge of Envision® decking planks. The result is a tight, secure fit that is nearly invisible.

Hidden Fasteners for Beautiful Design

Unlike the traditional fastening methods still used by other composite decking manufacturers, Envision® Fasteners are nearly invisible once they have been installed. Traditional methods often require that dozens of screws be driven into the surface of every plank of decking, resulting in an unattractive appearance, splintering, and holes that are vulnerable to water penetration.

Hidden Fasteners Keep Your Deck Looking Great Longer

The excellent design engineering of Envision® fasteners helps ensure that decking is securely installed with no unnecessary marring of the beautiful multi-hued texture of the decking surface. Other decking may require plunging hundreds of screw holes in the decking surface, resulting in water penetration and splintering. Over time, this can cause extensive damage to decking and reduce the overall lifespan of the deck. The appearance of an outdoor living space that utilizes the advanced suite of engineered Envision® composite wood decking and branded fastener products will deliver beauty and comfort that the whole family will love.

Envision® Functional Beauty with Hidden Fasteners

Every detail has been carefully engineered to deliver beauty and comfort throughout the entire suite of Envision® products. From hidden fasteners to stylish Envision Marquee Railing®, everything needed to build beautiful outdoor living spaces is available from Envision®. With helpful advice, professional resources, and excellent products, Envision® is here to help inspire beauty.

Learn about the Envision® Registered Contractor program and how it can benefit your business today.

Attracting Prospective Clients: Recommendations from Envision®

Helpful Recommendations for Marketing Envision® Products

Building a successful construction business is a difficult task. It takes experience, honesty, know-how, and excellent building materials. Envision® is here to help with advice, professional resources, and exceptional products to inspire clients and contractors alike. Read on to learn more about marketing Envision® products and building a successful business.

Give Clients a Variety of Beautiful Choices

Successful contractors know that giving clients a selection of personalized design styles to choose from is the best way to ensure that clients feel at home in their outdoor living space. It is important to emphasize that clients have options, and that’s why Envision® is an excellent choice for building products. The beautiful design collections from the Envision Distinction®, Inspiration, and Expression lines deliver excellence in eleven design styles for any aesthetic preference, with price points to match the budget of even the most discerning clients.

No matter which Envision® collection your client chooses from, they can be sure that their deck will deliver personalized elegance and comfort. Envision® offers branded Railing and Skirting products in a variety of colors and styles, further expanding the range of unique designs available. When every part of the installation is branded and backed by Envision®, clients can rest assured that no matter what collection they select from, the results will be amazing.

Recommend Remarkable Features

Bringing the comfort and aesthetic of indoor amenities into outdoor living spaces is an excellent way help customers realize their vision for the perfect deck design. Successful contractors will have the know-how to build outdoor kitchens, screened in outdoor living areas, poolside settings, pergolas, fire features, and other distinctive design elements. Build your professional skill set so you can offer clients amazing features that will surprise and inspire.

Build a Picturesque Portfolio

The most important tool a contractor can use to inspire a client’s imagination, while also giving the client confidence in the final result, is a comprehensive portfolio of completed work. Beautiful photos of expert work by an experienced and honest contractor is a reliable way to bring serious clients to the table. There is no better return on any investment for contractors than developing a picturesque portfolio that represents your work, displays your credentials, and contains testimonials from exceptionally satisfied customers.

Become an Envision® Registered Pro

Envision® offers excellent resources for professional contractors. With simple and helpful advice, extensive professional resources, and official Envision® Registered Pro membership benefits, Envision® is dedicated to the success of contractors who partner with us to deliver excellence to clients.

Envision® Inspired Success

Excellence is the fundamental ingredient to successful results. That is why Envision® delivers only the best. Whether it’s helpful advice, professional resources, or excellent products, Envision® is here to inspire beautifully designed outdoor living spaces.

Learn about the Envision® Registered Contractor program and how it can benefit your business today.

How to Present Envision® Composite Decking to a Homeowner

Envision® Composite Decking for a Homeowner

Presenting Envision® Composite Decking to Homeowners

Successful contractors understand that if they want to deliver excellent quality results for their clients, they need to utilize excellent building materials. Moreover, they must be able to properly communicate that excellence to their clients. Beautiful and distinctive Envision® Composite Decking products make it easy to deliver elegance for even the most discerning clients. Read on for helpful advice about the presentation of Envision® Composite Decking designs for homeowners.  

Highlight the Beauty of the Product

Envision® Composite Decking products are uniquely alluring, manufactured with remarkable patterns, details and colors. Intricate and textured patterns bring the beauty of natural woodgrain to composite decking. Thanks to our specialized compression-molding process, Envision® woodgrain patterns create a board as distinctive as traditional wood products.

Envision® Composite Decking delivers a full spectrum of hues and patterns with an extensive color palette to complement any style of home.  With the aesthetic variety of Envision® products, you can effortlessly match new construction with the existing styles of indoor spaces and home exteriors.  Envision Distinction® elegantly blends four hues into a like-natural, non-repeating pattern, so every piece of material is one-of-a-kind.

Highlight the Low Maintenance Aspect of the Product

Envision® composite decking brings elevated appeal to every outdoor space. When designing an outdoor space for clients, emphasize that Envision® products deliver class and comfort, so clients can design outdoor living spaces that their family will enjoy for years to come.

Inform clients that when they choose Envision®, Care and Cleaning is easy, so they can spend their valuable time at home relaxing with family and friends. Quality of life is the fundamental deliverable, so let your clients know that you’re ready to deliver with Envision® Decking Products.

Highlight the Versatility of the Design

Modern homeowners are looking for outdoor living spaces that bring the indoor comforts of home to the outdoors, so successful contractors choose decking material that meets their clients’ demanding expectations. With beautiful, multi-hued options, it’s easy to match the color palette of a client’s indoor space to the outdoor living areas, so the transition is seamless.

Browse the Envision® Idea Gallery for inspired ideas that will bring discerning clients to the table.

Is your client looking for a gorgeous outdoor kitchen? Consider the Grey Wood aesthetic from the Envision Distinction® collection to complement stainless steel grills and appliances.
Is your client looking for indoor comforts in a screened-in outdoor sitting area? Consider the Rustic Walnut style from the Envision Distinction® collection, which offers a gorgeous finished look with the appeal of aged indoor hardwood.

Clients and Contractors, Envision® Beauty

Envision® Decking Products are the first choice for experienced and trusted home contractors. With so many attractive features, it’s easy to show clients that they are making a wise investment in their home with Envision®. With helpful advice, professional resources, and excellent products, Envision® helps contractors deliver superior outdoor living spaces to their clients.

Learn about the Envision® Registered Contractor program and how it can benefit your business today.

Envision®: How Contractors Can Improve Their Customer Service

composite decking stair steps in weathered wicker

Envision®: Customer Service Tips for Contractors

You may often feel like there is more demand for your work than you can keep up with. This is a dilemma: do you accept the challenge to finish a higher volume of work, or do you turn down valuable projects?

When you choose the former, remember that the rapport you build with your customers is vital. Maintaining superior customer service can make or break your business, so do not let an increased workload keep you from providing expert work with personable service. Here are some tips to improve your engagement from Envision®.

Utilize Social Media

If you are not using social media to promote your work and build a reputation with your community, you are missing out on countless opportunities to interact with current and prospective customers. With just a bit of studying up, you can learn to utilize Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to your advantage. These platforms let you show off pictures of your best work, respond to feedback, and put your brand in front of more people. If you do not feel able to manage your social accounts yourself, you can find someone skilled in social media management to help you.

Leave Parting Gifts

Show your appreciation to your customers for choosing your services. Leave homeowners with something to help them celebrate in their new outdoor living space. You do not have to get anything fancy, but an apron, watering can, or bottle of champagne (if it is appropriate) will show your customers your gratitude. Branded items will also keep your name in front of all the potential customers who will attend the next cookout on your newest Envision® composite decking project.

Ask for Reviews

Let your clients know that you love feedback, and that you are confident that they will be pleased with your work. Public reviews give you a good online record to demonstrate your willingness to work with unhappy customers and show your appreciation to satisfied ones. A well-maintained online reputation looks great to prospective customers and keeps you in good standing with former and current ones.

Let Envision® Help

Partner with Envision® and become a registered contractor. Get exclusive access to our marketing materials for Envision® products which you can use to engage with more customers at expos, social media recognition, digital access to sales tools, and much more. Let us help you improve your rapport with your customers and expand your reach. Registration is easy — click here to become an Envision® Registered Contractor.

How Envision® Decking Makes Deck Installation Easy

family enjoys overcast afternoon on Envision® Decking

Envision® Decking: Installation Made Easy

Time management, careful effort, and dedicated attention are all required for proper professional composite decking installation. During busy times of year and when the weather is not so favorable, one of these elements may suffer.

Envision® Decking makes installing our composite deck boards simple and effective with the help of our Everclip® Hidden Fastener and Envision® & Evergrain® Deck Screws. These tools together let your customers maintain the color coordination of their outdoor living space while securely and effectively fastening their composite decking into place. The benefit to you is that they’re reliable and easy to use. Read on to learn how Envision® Decking helps you install our composite decking with no trouble.

Discreet & Functional — Everclip® Hidden Fastener

The Everclip® Hidden Fastener is designed with you and your clientele in mind. Both discreet and functional, this low-profile fastener fits neatly into the grooves below the walking surface of our composite decking. Its serrated teeth clamp down, securing the composite boards to a joist for lateral support. This prevent board creep and maintains the clean appearance of the deck.

Color-Matched To Suit Your Style — Envision® & Evergrain® Deck Screws

Deck screws from Envision® Decking are designed with the same attention as our fasteners to both yours and your clients’ preferences; these deck screws are optimized to secure our composite deck boards while maintaining the overall aesthetic of the outdoor living space. They are made to stand up to the weather and they come available in colors to match your client’s composite decking.

Unique & Made in the USA — Envision® Decking

Work with a product you can trust from a name that is respected as an industry leader. Envision® Decking brings you compression-molded decking that is unmatched in appeal. Offering specially-blended, natural-like colors and a deep, unique grain pattern, our made-in-the-USA composite decking will inspire you and your clientele. Give them the style and aesthetic they desire while working with an excellent product.

Become a Registered Contractor

Bring your customers a product they will recognize for its sophistication and its design-inspiring beauty. Help them live their dreams with an outdoor living space as alluring as nature itself. Become an Envision® Registered Contractor to find out how. We provide you with marketing materials, promotional items, social media recognition, and much more. Learn more about who we are here, start your registration here, or find a dealer for our Envision® Decking products here.

Selling the Benefits of Deck Skirting

Tips for Selling Deck Skirting

Deck skirting serves aesthetic and functional purposes, but as outdoor living projects continue to trend, more new composite decking buyers want to opt for their own design solutions. They may choose landscaping solutions, such as planting greenery, or they may choose to install a lattice skirt themselves.

While these design ideas may serve similar functions as professionally-installed deck skirting from Envision®, they do not offer the same finished and coordinated appearance. Here are some angles to help you sell deck skirting.

The Finished Look

Deck skirting helps a new composite deck look complete. Without it, the space underneath the deck will be exposed. Deck supports and whatever dirt or rocks lie beneath will all be visible to you and passersby. With these natural elements exposed, the deck will look incomplete like the frame for a house without any sheetrock or siding.

A proper deck skirting project covers these functional elements of the deck. Viewers’ eyes will be drawn to the alluring design and color of the deck itself and not the unappealing space below.

The Coordinated Look

Composite deck skirting is available in all the same natural-like colors as Envision® composite decking. This means that you can use matching or complementary colors to design a deck skirt appropriate for each one of your customers. The ability to customize is a strong selling point, so take advantage of it. Deck skirting may also be installed horizontally or vertically to suit the styles and preferences of your clientele.

The Blend of Aesthetics and Function

Your primary selling point for deck skirting will often be aesthetics. The value of a professionally-installed composite deck skirt of a matching or complementary color is mostly in its appearance and its ability to cover unappealing elements of the home. Deck skirting can also serve some functional purposes, though.

Skirting that runs the entire perimeter of the deck discourages pests from taking up residence in the cool, covered, and shady area underneath. Skirting installed with a latching door can also create an inconspicuous storage space that homeowners can use for yard tools and more. These uses may not sell the skirting themselves, but they heighten the appeal.

Sell Deck Skirting with Confidence — Choose Envision®

Let your design imagination run wild with Envision® and bring to your clients a deck skirting product of unparalleled beauty. Become a Registered Contractor here and begin working with our industry-leading compression-molded composite decking.

How to Build a Composite Decking Display

composite decking on display

Building Tips for a Composite Decking Display

Expos present you with valuable opportunities to showcase your work and the enticing beauty of Envision® composite decking. To make the most of those opportunities, you will need a composite decking display that accentuates the best features of the product. A great display will allow your potential clients to experience those features, so your company stands out from the rest, leaving potential customers confident in your work and the quality of your materials.

Here are some tips for putting together a display that will drive client interest and land you a few new customers.

Sell the Experience of Composite Decking

Envision® uses industry-leading compression molding to produce composite decking with a deeper wood-like grain texture than our competitors. The result is a deck board with gorgeous non-repeating grain patterns and superior multi-hue options that capture the essence of natural environments.

These are the unique features of Envision® that your booth visitors will want to experience. Be prepared with samples from our Expression, Inspiration, and Distinction lines. Visitors can feel the depth of the grain with their hands and enjoy the array of colors available to them. As someone who works with the decking yourself, share some design ideas with them for tasteful color pairings and outdoor living area layouts.

Set Yourself Apart

Superior composite decking needs an outstanding display to match. Set your display apart from the competition by incorporating attractive visuals, product samples, and your portfolio of completed work. One great way to demonstrate the product for interested parties is to assemble the decking on-site. This allows visitors an up-close look at the installation process and the other decking accessories Envision® offers.

An on-site deck assembly also allows you to showcase the fine, finishing touch of both our Tam-Rail® and our Marquee Railing® systems. These products give any Envision® deck a completed look, and they come in a variety of colors to match. Choose your color pairings wisely to appeal to the tastes of your potential clients.

Sell Your Brand

While your goal is to generate sales and promote the distinguished features of Envision® composite decking, you can boost your engagement by utilizing your most versatile tool at an expo: your personality. Personal branding is a great tool for spreading word-of-mouth about your services and for drawing attention at a show. If you use social media, let your followers know all about the event and how they can find you. For new visitors to your display, be prepared with business cards that also link to your social accounts.

Partner With Envision®

We pride ourselves on the allure and functionality of our product. When you partner with us, you get the assurance of working with an industry leader in compression-molded composite decking. Envision® provides contractors with professional resources, helpful advice, and excellent products, for an expo display that will give your visitors the real Envision® experience.

Advice from Envision® Decking: Top 5 Contractor Apps for Saving Time

Envision® Contractor Using Mobile Phone

Envision® Decking Suggests 5 Apps for Contractors

If you’re a contractor, anything that can save you time, saves you money. In today’s digital world, you have more tools at your fingertips than ever before to help save your invaluable time. Today in the Envision® Decking blog, we highlight some apps that you might find useful in your future projects. In order to spend more time building Envision® decks and less time quoting, browse through a few of these potential resources.


SmartBidNet makes bid-management easier than ever. Easily communicate and manage subcontractors, keep all of your data and documents in one place, and collaborate on those documents, all through a secure web-based network.


DroneDeploy revolutionizes the surveying and mapping process for job sites. Using DroneDeploy, you can get measurements of the distance, area, and volume of a site using drone maps and 3D models. DroneDeploy could save an incredible amount of time and will help to streamline your planning process.


JobFLEX is one of the best apps out there for creating estimates and managing your bids. Using JobFLEX, you can create a custom estimate form and quickly draft an estimate for a potential client —  with or without a cellular connection. All you have to do is create your forms, drag and drop the other information, and generate your bid. Contractors can easily email or print, and send out quotes. Getting your bids and estimates out quickly is vital to the growth of your company, and JobFLEX could help make the process faster than ever.

Autodesk BIM 360

Autodesk BIM 360 is a comprehensive tool for field management. Using the cloud, contractors can collaborate and report right from their tablet. Autodesk BIM 360 compiles your programs and data for quality, commissioning, and more —  all in one place. This keeps your team more organized in the field and helps them to work more efficiently.

Construction Master Pro

If you’re familiar with Construction Master brand calculators, then you’ll be familiar with the Construction Master Pro mobile app. This handy app works just like your calculator, so you can easily pull out your phone and quickly calculate measurements like length, area, and volume conversions.

Learn About Becoming an Envision® Registered Contractor

Another thing that saves time and money, is working with a manufacturer and materials that are easy to install, low-maintenance and beautiful. Envision® composite decking offers all of this, and more. As an Envision® Registered Contractor, you not only get the benefit of using our beautiful decking — you also enjoy all the tools needed to market and build decks that your clients will love. Learn more about all the benefits of being an Envision® Registered Contractor by clicking here.

TAMKO Building Products, Inc. and the Envision® Decking group are not affiliated with the apps, services or other resources listed in this blog (“Other Resources”) and as such do not (a) imply endorsement, sponsorship or any connection with the Other Resources, nor (b) make any representations or warranties with respect to the Other Resources.